10 things to do before moving

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Performing these ten tasks before you relocate can help your move to be less stressful. Even if you are a very organized person, you may still have to struggle as the date for the move approaches. Hiring an experienced and professional moving company can assist you to relieve some of your moving stress. This article will discuss 10 things that you must do before your move. Have a look at Out of State Moving Texas

  • Inform the utility company and the insurance providers

The date of your purchase must be notified to your insurance providers and the utility company so that the services can be discontinued and the new address must be provided to post any new bills. Also, remember to prepare a checklist and notify people who need to be informed about the change of address.

  • Forwarding the mail to your new home

Informing the Royal Mail and organizing mail redirection services about the same must be done. Visit the local post office branch or it can be done online. Another way is to discuss with your clients to forward the post to your new address.

  • Planning your journey

Planning is very important to make your move easy as it will boost your confidence so that you are aware of the route that you take, roads that need to be avoided as a result of heavy traffic, etc.

  • Disassembling the furniture

Most of the hired service companies will disassemble the furniture, but you must speak to them before the day of the move so that they will come prepared with all the proper equipment and arrive early.

5)Professionally Disconnecting the appliances

Disconnecting the appliances must also be done well in advance before the moving day. As the removal company might not be able to provide this service you must book a professional company who will be able to perform this task.

6) keeping your home clean and tidy

Despite being busy with packing all the boxes you must make some time to keep your house tidy. There will be dust and dirt that get collected especially in rooms and furniture that are not used frequently. Keeping your home clean well in advance will make your job less stressful on a moving day as you do not need to thoroughly clean up your home when the packers and movers have arrived.

7) An overnight bag must be packed and kept ready

You must keep an overnight bag ready for each member of your family so that it can be a great source of help when you move to your new home. Keep all the essential items like toothbrushes, towels, hair brush, clothes, and medicines handy in a separate bag and carry the bag with you in your car while moving.

8) Look for the garage keys

Some keys that are not used frequently are easily forgotten, ensure that you collect those keys and keep them in a safe place.

9) Collect all your records

All the important documents like the birth certificates, passports of you and your family members, driving license, records, and other important documents must be collected and kept in a safe place so that they don’t get misplaced or lost during the move.

10)Organizing the boxes for the move

When there are multiple boxes, they need to be arranged properly before moving them to the new place. You can number the boxes to identify them correctly, marking the box with a particular color that resembles your new room can also be done. Keep a separate box or bag with all the essential items that you need for a few days so that you don’t have to keep looking for them.