13 Home Repairing Tips & Tricks for Residents in the US


Maintenance of home is an essential activity for everyone. With simple tricks and tips, one can handle it well. It becomes easy to handle household tasks with a well-managed house. There is no downtime if every appliance is maintained timely shared by experts from Baycrawlspace.

  1. Cleaning of the mirror – To prevent a mirror from cracking and big scratches, it needs to be cleaned at regular interval. Big spots and big marks can make mirror dirty as well as the probability of cracking increases. To avoid such circumstances, one should clean the mirror at regular interval with the mirror cleaning liquid.
  2. Fixing Water leakage– Water is the most crucial resource in every household. Leakage of the same can increase the water bill. By using the ready-mix available to fix the leakage, one can do it by themselves or can take the help of a plumber. The housemaker must ensure that every tap is checked at regular interval to prevent it from leakage.
  3. Preventing water leakage from toilet bowl– The reason for toilet bowl leakage must be identified. One need to check whether the bowl is cracked or the wax with which it is attached has lost its properties. There are economic products available in the market to fix the same.
  4. Repairing curtain rod anchor– Curtain rod anchor often gets twisted or molded in a very odd way. It needs to be fixed into its original shape with the help of repair tools.
  5. Removal of the dishwasher– The plugs used for attaching the dishwasher should be checked. The cables should be checked and changed if required. A simple short circuit could cost over a thousand dollar.
  6. Maintenance of washing machine– Washing machine these days have an option of tub clean. It should be done once a month. It will enhance the performance of the machine as well as its life.
  7. Installation of the dishwasher– While installing the dishwasher, the cable should be checked by an expert. The one that has a good life span should the for long term benefit.
  8. Strengthening of door locks– Door locks get rusted with time. It should be polished at a yearly interval to maintain the life of the lock.
  9. Oiling of door attachments- The door attachments must be oiled at regular intervals. Quarterly would be the best timing.
  10. Cleaning of furniture– Proper cleaning liquid must be used to dig out the dust. It would enhance the life of the furniture.
  11. Installation of water heater– Water heater installation is an easy task and can be done easily at home. The user manual is the best guide for the same.
  12. Cleaning refrigerator– Refrigerator needs timely cleaning to maintain the quality of the plates in it.
  13. Completion of paint – Minor paint can be done like small walls and doors. It will save money, as well.

The above tips and tricks will help the house owner to maintain their house. It will save their future cost of repairing if it is maintained regularly. Checking of loop poles and fixing the mess before the alarming stage arrive is the best method.