3 Creative Ways To Add Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

Home Improvement

Wondering how you can create a private, thoughtfully-crafted outdoor space? If you’ve taken pains to create a beautiful garden, reinforce your hard work by making sure your personal oasis is free from the intrusion of others. This is especially important if you live in a dense area, as the sights and sounds that accompany living near others can spoil your enjoyment of the natural world around you. Check out these three creative ways that you can add privacy to your personal outdoor space.

1. Use Architectural Elements

As you’re making your outdoor renovations, take a careful look at your space from a variety of positions and angles. Develop a list of all the objects and views you wish to conceal and think of the best strategy for hiding them. A great way to do this is to incorporate handcrafted architectural elements into the mix. Using features like a handmade garden screen or ornamental gate is a creative way to define the space in your yard and add privacy. Not only are elements like these functional, they become an installation art piece that you’ll be able to admire whenever you head out your door.

2. Create a Living Wall

Sometimes, a living screen is the best solution for hiding unsightly features, such as garbage cans, service areas and even the neighbor’s yard. It’s best to plant evergreen hedges if you want to create an attractive and long-lasting green screen. Once you’ve selected and planted your hedges, proper feeding and watering will be necessary, as well as constant trimming since hedges can grow out of control quickly.

3. Dress up Trellis

Hide features that may detract from the aesthetics of your garden by creating a screen using trellis. Use fence posts to support your trellis and to hold it in place. It’s important to choose climbing plants that will not overwhelm and outgrow the trellis. You may need to bolster the strength of a trellis by constructing a wooden-strip frame around the structure. This solution is a great blend of a man-made intervention, the trellis structure, combined with the raw beauty of the climbing plants once they become fully established.

Your outdoor space should be a private haven that allows you to connect with nature and escape from the stresses of the world. By following these tips and making these effective improvements, you’ll produce a well-designed outdoor oasis for rest, relaxation and reinvigoration.