3 Fast Strategies To Immediate See Change In Your Fixer-Upper Home

Home Improvement

A home can be a labor of lover for the owner or a house of horrors if a plan is not applied to renovate or refurbish that fixer upper home for self, family or as an investment. There are numerous steps to that master plan that include evaluation, inspection, and project completion. Consider those aspects of home refurbishment as it deals with which of the following areas can garner the biggest transformation with the easiest investment; financially, time and labor.

Master Project Ideas




Water Issues


Windows/luxury windows





Floors…and more

From this list three areas to focus on are evaluation, inspection, and execution of paint, windows and flooring.

Evaluation Inspection and Execution

First call to action in this process would be have the home inspected by a professional who is certified and bonded. They not only have experience but can take some of the challenges out of the equation or get them on the table quickly for immediate budget considerations. 

Try and separate the cosmetic from foundational issues determining where the expertise, finances and timeline completion comes in. From there should be a clearer picture of what your home truly is and the potential there is to transform this living space.

Put On A Coat

A fresh coat of paint outside and in often can transform a home immediately. Depending on the color palette and shade determines just how elegant, refreshed, and upscale that home can be. Paint is a factor that brings multiple positives like inexpensive yet impactful change, raises home value, increases and enhances visual inside and curb appeal. Not to mention paint can improve ones mood making life more positive and enjoyable.

Keys to Window and Doors

Windows and doors are the key to a first impression and visually depending on condition there are ways to address and update these two openings in a positive way. Never underestimate the impact that can come from these two changes. In an older home windows and doors are a good place to center attention due to its wear and tear and updating one or both makes a completed difference and revitalized view. Modern windows and doors change the feel of any home due to how sound, light, as well as air flow interacts in a pleasing way. The windows affect what is seen from the outside as well as frames the home in an architecturally interesting manner. Options in a range of materials offer beauty, environmental positives, and clean lines crafted soundly especially when properly installed. New windows are often a top choice for a home project and the updating increases the home value and updates the overall appearance of the home. From window shape, size, bay or bow, luxury windows or budget; the customizable effects are there.


Under Foot

Look down and under foot lies the floor, that tough yet beautiful surface that covers the bottom layer of the home. It can be partial, little touches here and there are a completed redo. When flooring is old, dated, or damaged try installation that can often times be less expensive yet ultra impressive. Utilizing engineered flooring options that are diverse and can be placed over existing ones can signal an almost instantaneous improvement without too much fuss and dust.

It is quite evident that it takes a bit of creative thinking and a allotted budget to take a fixer upper home to an updated image. With floor, door, window, and some paint the transformation is improvement that will be yours to enjoy and move forward from there.