3 Important Steps For Trenchless Sewer Repair

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It’s typically a rather daunting experience for homeowners to notice that there is some kind of sewage issue within their residential plumbing system, and for the most part homeowners are mainly concerned with how much this type of plumbing procedure will end up costing them. The good news is that this type of plumbing procedure isn’t quite as expensive as it used to be thanks to trenchless sewer repair jobs.

In the past homeowners had to rely upon digging deep trenches throughout their property in order to properly excavate damaged sewer pipes and restore them, and this of course was always very costly and put homeowners in a pretty tough financial position. There are many other factors that come into play when it comes to the overall pricing of trenchless sewer repair, but when surveyed a vast majority of homeowners prefer sewer repair and replacement el paso tx even it’ll cost them more because it in turn allows them to preserve many parts of their property like patios, landscaping, decks and all sorts of prized outdoor features.

What’s ironic is that most homeowners also simply have never even heard of trenchless sewer line repair and this type of modern plumbing technology, and it’s true that this technology is widely used all throughout the country today in order to restore sewage pipes without causing a ton of property destruction. The great news about this technology is that it’ll more than likely cost about the same as digging trenches would, but you don’t have to dig up your entire property to fix these types of pesky plumbing problems anymore!

We’re very lucky to have partnered up with Beehive Plumbing, plumbing specialists based out of Utah, to help us comprise this list of steps that is entailed within trenchless sewer repair seattle wa. So take it from the experts that this is how this process goes!

Let’s first go over the five main types of pipe bursting equipment that’ll be necessary for this type of plumbing procedure:

  • Pulling rods
  • Expander head
  • Retaining device
  • Pulling machine
  • Hydraulic power pack

Now let’s focus in on the 3 crucial steps oriented around trenchless sewer repair, and how certain pieces of equipment are utilized throughout this process:

  1. Inserting and receiving the right openings within the sewer pipes

This part of the trenchless sewer repair process is a bit different as compared to other types of sewer pipe repair, and this is mainly because the excavation process is rather minor as compared to digging deep trenches throughout one’s property. The excavation within this process only needs to be large enough so that the plumbing team can adequately fit the new piece of piping through one end of the existing pipe, and then be able to utilize the pulling rods on the other end.

Although this is a somewhat complicated process, it goes without saying that it’s a lot cleaner and doesn’t make a whole mess out of your yard!

  1. Using the expander head

What happens is that the new pipe will be attached to the back end of the expander head, and the front part of the expander head will be attached to the pulling rods. The front end is always much smaller in terms of diameter as compared to the already existing (damaged) pipe, and this will help the plumbing team to properly direct the pipe into the proper placement.

The back end of the expander head will then be utilized to essentially break down the existing, damaged pipe as it’s pulled through at the appropriate timing.

  1. Pulling machine

Your plumbing team will have their pulling machine adequately connected to other side of the pulling rods as you compare it to the placement of the new pipe. So once the new pipe is becoming secured, the pulling machine will then utilize its hydraulic capabilities to make sure that the expander head is effectively pulled through so that the old pipe is placed out of the way for the new pipe that’s being properly directed into its new location within your sewage line.

There’s no doubt about it that trenchless sewer repair is a very complicated process that utilizes state-of-the-art plumbing technology, and this process has become the go-to method for countless plumbing companies across the country who are helping homeowners that are experiencing sewage problem nightmares!