3 Important Tips for Making Your Next Outdoor Function a Blast

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It’s time to bring back a bit of entertainment (in the safest manner possible). After all, many people have been quite reserved in their social festivities, sticking primarily to home over the past few months. Isolation, though, can only last for so long. At some point, humanity craves interaction and a bit of fun. Since groups can’t congregate inside, neighborhoods and businesses are going to have to adapt the party planning concept. During this COVID-19 era, it may be possible for companies and families to once again host functions. Just keep numbers low, use outside facilities and emphasize distance and sanitation. Don’t let the changes disappoint you. It can still be a lively and exciting experience. Just consider the following three things.

1. Light It Up

The Centers for Disease Control emphasizes visitors should respect the six feet of distance rule. In addition, the organization points out that air conditioners could move virus particles. That means it’s probably best to use an outdoor venue. Kick off the gathering in the afternoon, and let it go until night. Transform the outdoor venue into something spirited, donning it with lights galore. String them around tented sections. Have standing lights. Light a fire. For better electrical support look for a place that rents portable generators Fort Lauderdale FL. This added feature could prevent electrical overloads.

2. Have Themed Activities

Shaking it on the dance floor usually breaks the social distance code. Instead, opt for crafts or games. Have several planned and spread out. For example, Halloween is around the corner. Have a pumpkin decorating table. People can have their own small carving or paint set. As guests sit and create, they can mingle. At the end, have a contest for the best work, and let everyone take their creation home. Photo booths are another option. Have old fashioned disposable cameras out as well as several cardboard props. Revisit the good old days with some silly photo ops.

3. Splurge on the Menu

Indulge in food and drink. Have some hearty choices that are flavorful. This is a time to satisfy stomachs, so don’t worry about calories or the waistline. Make it about your favorite selections, or connect it to the party’s concept. Either way, stock up and lay out a feast. Even consider hiring a personal catering service. You’ll be giving a small business a boost during a trying time.

If you’re tired of being alone, then reach out to those in your inner circle. Consider appropriate health protocols, and coordinate a modest gathering, focusing on things that bring joy and smiles.