3 Mistakes You Can Make in Kitchen Interior Design


Whether you’re creating a restaurant space or just working on a home interior design project in Singapore, there can be no denying the fact that the kitchen is one of the most important areas of your space. The kitchen is where you, your family, or your employees will work to prepare food. It’s either a communal place or an important area where your goods and products are produced.

So learning how to create a great kitchen space is important to both home or F&B interior design in Singapore. But how does one begin when creating a kitchen space that’s effective for your needs and allows people to cook or prepare food efficiently?

Mistakes you need to avoid when creating your kitchen space

The first thing you need to consider when doing any kind of kitchen interior design project in Singapore is to hire the right professionals for the job.

Ensuring that your interior designer is equipped to work on kitchen interiors is key because you will partially rely on their suggestions for your kitchens to be functional. It is especially important in commercial interior design projects in Singapore because efficiency is key in ensuring food is prepared promptly.

Learn more about some design mistakes you should avoid.

1) Failing to take into account the dimensions of your cooking equipment. In a kitchen, space matters. Most modern kitchens allot specific spaces for kitchen equipment and devices.

2) Inadequate circulation in the kitchen. Not having enough space to freely manoeuvre while cooking can be a nightmare. This is why circulation should be a priority in designing kitchens.

3) Poor lighting or ventilation. Kitchens need to be bright and airy because preparing food can be an intensive endeavour. Make sure your kitchens have adequate lighting and ventilation for work purposes.

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