3 Tips on How You Can Survive Winter

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Some people feel the winter cold more than others. Their decreased exposure to cold makes them less tolerant of low, harsh temperatures, making it difficult for them to enjoy outdoor winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing. They prefer the feeling of eternal summer and want to stay busy as much as possible. Even if you’re inclined to stay indoors once cold weather approaches, there are occasions when you’ll have to stay out in the snow to protect yourself and your home.

Dress in Three Layers

It’s hardly recommended that you head out in the snow wearing just a sweater and jeans. You should wear three layers of winter clothing for maximum warmth head to toe. The first layer should consist of one-piece underwear made of synthetic fabric that keeps moisture away from the skin. You should also wear fleece garments to keep your body insulated, which will help regulate your overall body temperature. Wearing the third layer as your body’s armor will protect the layers underneath from harsh weather conditions. A thick rainproof jacket should work just fine.

Shoveling Snow Away

Although shoveling snow can feel like a nuisance, your local county can fine you if you refuse to clear snow from surrounding sidewalk. Your refusal to remove snow can pose a risk to other families who use the sidewalks. Another reason you should shovel snow away from your home is because it will¬†prevent leaking ice water from entering your home, which can flood the home’s foundation and drain into your basement. If you own a sump pump, you can use it to remove melted snow from the premises. You should exercise additional caution if you’re thinking about shoveling snow from your roof. Use a snow load calculator to measure your roof’s height and width and compare those measurements with the snow load’s thickness.

Protect Extremities

Some people forget to cover their hands and feet during the extreme cold. Consider getting yourself a pair of thick boots and ditch the tennis shoes when you’re walking into thick sheets of snow. Winter boots should be water-resistant and have non-slip pads. You should also consider getting yourself a fur hat or beanie to protect your ears and prevent snow from mixing into your hair. Hats should be a neutral color and shouldn’t be too bright and distracting.

There are three tips you’ll need to survive the upcoming winter season. Removing snow from the property you own and dressing in three layers are two of the most important things you can do to prepare for snowfall. It also doesn’t hurt to protect your hands and feet from freezing, which can prevent hypothermia.