3 Types Of Outdoor Pavers In Sydney


When you have a patio made up of poured concrete, it is a really boring thing for a patio. A stamped pattern with a colouring agent is a much better choice as it helps to give a completely natural look. The maintenance issue is also a problem in this kind of patios. The coating has to be reapplied every two years or so. If it’s heavily trafficked, the colour will wear off and the surface cracks can also be seen. Concrete is mainly preferable in frost-free zones. Pieces of glass and exposed aggregate can also be added but it’s the cheapest method with the help of which you can have a hard surface. It can even be created in any form of shape and size.

Types Of Outdoor Pavers In Sydney

Flagstone or Natural Stone:

Natural stone is a great choice to give your patio a completely natural look. The natural stone can be of various types like bluestone, slate, flagstone, and limestone. Natural stones are required to be trucked in and quarried, and it involves transportation costs. It takes a lot of time to be laid down. It costs a lot to be installed. All the pieces have to be put in place so that the entire bed can be lowered or raised according to the level. The type of material depends on the material that you have in your house, for example, if the house is of limestone then the patio is also of limestone.

Brick and Pavers:

Outdoor pavers in Sydney are mainly done with bricks. It provides a charming old-world look. But since it requires proper maintenance it is not often chosen for outdoor living spaces. It retains moisture and the cracks are to be replaced during the freezing winter. The slippery grass or moss mainly grows on the bricks. A bleach solution can be used so as to scrub off the place and brush it properly. The moss is not much of a problem in sunny places. But it has to be cleaned off properly. You might face a lot of difficulties while walking.

You can find a variety of patterns, colours and shapes for Pavers. The paving Stones are of high-end nature and they are available in all the top manufacturers. These are nice solutions for the patios. The modular pieces are mainly of the same thickness. They can save your time and money and can even allow you to curve shapes and the various circle patios that you can put in your patio.

Construction of Basic Patio:

You will have to build it on a plain level so that it does not make a difference which kind of material you are using. If you have an ill-prepared sub-base, you will have pooling water and uneven surfaces and even cracks on the surface. It all mainly depends on the hardscape material. After marking the patio site in Sydney, the patio’s footprint is excavated. Then it is cleared of debris and made smooth and then a fixing material or sand is used after the materials are laid out.