3 Useful Online Home Building Tools

Home Improvement

Building an Australian dream home takes a lot of time and planning. That is why we often look for articles and videos on home building tips to make our lives easier. The Housing Industry Association in Australia notes that over 170,000 houses were built in 2019 alone. While we won’t run out of people to talk to for home building advice, we also need some tools to help us get the job done. And there are tons of online resources and apps that we can tap.

3D home design tools

Here is the first home building tip you will enjoy. Just when we thought architects and engineers are only ones who can create scale models, the power of technology has allowed us future home owners to actually do it ourselves! Dump your usual pen and paper because this 3D home design apps are going to take over. The most accessible and free 3D design tool online is Google Sketch. It requires a little training and getting used to, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll be building your new home in digital 3D. If you have a little budget to spare, you can download Planner5D or other similar apps. They’re easier to use, much like playing The Sims in the early 2000s. It’s also preloaded with furniture, wallpapers, tiles and more that Sketch does not have.

Online builders directory

A report from Ibisworld shows that there are over 45,000 house construction businesses in Australia. That’s a very long list to choose from unless you have recommendations from friends or direct contacts in the industry. When we’re planning for our future home, we want to maximize our time and avoid tasks that will only slow us down (since we’re usually doing this on top of our other responsibilities!) The good thing with technology is, there are already lead generation directory for builders online. There are some good directories that can even help you narrow down your search based on location.

Project and accounting apps

Another home building tip to cut down time and effort in planning our houses is getting project organizing and accounting apps. Of course, the handy calculator is always there in our phone but these days, there are apps that can help you do more. You can find and download (usually for free) conversion apps, project organizing apps like Evernote or Trello, and even accounting apps like Invoice2Go. Most of these apps are user-friendly so it can help simplify things for us.