4 Design Secrets for Your Womb Chair

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Eero Saarinen’s enveloping Womb Chair is, hands down, one of the most iconic furniture pieces designed in the twentieth century. Its distinct presence and unique shape will surely add character and sophistication to any space out there. Having a hard time introducing the womb chair into your own home’s decor? We can help! Here are a few brilliant design secrets from top interior designers around the world. Perhaps now you can truly be inspired!

  1. Use Accent Lighting

Accent lights placed in strategic places can dramatically highlight qualities of the piece that would otherwise be subdued. Embrace the dramatic effect of shadows and light to play with the distinct shape of Saarinen’s lounge chair to the fullest. The dim incandescence of the accent lighting in the image above gorgeously uplifts the cozy surroundings. Doesn’t the resulting shadows and gold light make the womb shaped chair even more glamorous?

  1. Embrace its Accent Capacity

If you use your Womb Chair replica as an accent piece you’ll have lots of fun with your space. As a matter of fact, the background may be filled with all kinds of dynamic visuals thanks to its rock-solid presence. It will always be the center of attention! The above space features a blue background, photorealistic artwork, wood nightstands and other expertly placed modern decor items, giving the light gray wool wrapped beauty a highly sophisticated presence.

  1. Bold on Muted

Whether you opt for the original or Womb Chair reproduction, if you want to make it the focal point of your interior, simply set it up in a muted backdrop and select vibrantly colored upholstery for it. All eyes entering the room will be automatically attracted by this statement piece! This allows the rest of the ambiance and decor to become like background music to the iconic chair. In the above image, we can see a space where the green chair pops due to the muted backdrop.

  1. Go for a Uniform Background

By using a wood background you can make the Womb Chair’s leather upholstery more suitable within the space. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean your space needs to be boring, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, library, entryway or open concept. Embrace a repetitive design element in order to achieve this.

In the above image, the linearity of the wallpaper design element perfectly complements the side and coffee table featuring a glass top, metal base with great lines. All of the decor elements and furniture pieces make the smooth leather womb chair masterpiece take center stage within the environment.

We hope this info inspires you and that the brilliant design secrets help you beautifully introduce the Womb Chair into your home’s decor.  Which of these secrets have you tried before? Tell us in the comments section below! We recommend Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs for high-end replicas, or places like DWR if you can splurge for the originals.