4 Design Styles Provided By Interior Design Services

Home Improvement

Designing a living space may seem easy if you see it as simply choosing wallpaper, flooring, and furniture to add to the various rooms at home. However, picking out wallpaper and furniture pieces that don’t match well can be unpleasant to the eyes. Your house, condominium, and apartment should have an interior design that makes you comfortable enough to call it home. If your personal space was designed to look messy and disorganised, coming home to it every day won’t be as satisfying. Applying for interior design services is more necessary than you think since it provides us with a sense of ease rather than getting disoriented when entering rooms.

However, it’s good to note that interior design comes in different flavours. You can tell the interior designer that you want this kind of furniture and this kind of wallpaper in a specific room, but the whole idea of the room’s design would still be unclear. To better communicate with your designer, knowing the different design styles can help you come up with ideas for your living space.

1. Modern

The most commonly known interior design is known as modern. Modern is a bit of a broad design term and is often used in condo interior design in Singapore. It features clean lines, a simple colour palette, and the usage of materials that fit the modern aesthetic, such as glass, steel, and metal. For modern design, the colours are rarely anything else that isn’t different shades of black and grey. This is a less overwhelming style since it focuses on being simple and sleek rather than adding too many overwhelming elements. This type of design is also often used in hotel rooms since it’s clean to look at.

2. Minimalist

Minimalist is one of the designs that can be mistaken for modern. In a minimalist interior design, notions from modern design are used as inspiration to make something even more simplified. The colour scheme used in this style is usually white, accompanied by a singular colour that complements it. Different shades of one colour aren’t often used in minimalism since its goal is to be as plain and simple as possible. If you are going for white and black, there will only be one shade of each colour that will be used to plan the overall design. Using this style of condo interior design in Singapore often looks very spacious and not the least overwhelming.

3. Industrial

An industrial style gets inspiration from urban lofts and warehouses. This style isn’t often used for a 3-bedroom condo interior design in Singapore since it focuses on the aesthetic of unfinished rawness. Usually, there would be exposed brick, wood, and ductwork to give it that industrial feel. A house with high ceilings, rustic timber, hanging light fixtures, and minimal functional furniture is ideal for incorporating an industrial interior design style. It can still be possible if you wish to use it for your condo!

4. Traditional

Lastly, the traditional style provides classic details, various accessories, and antique-looking furnishing due to its deep European roots. The flooring for this style would often be dark wood, and the overall look would feature many textures and curved lines. If your HDB interior design ideas in Singapore follow a traditional style, rich colour palettes will be involved that give you a homely feeling.

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