4 Tips For Finding Dutch Apartments As An Expat


When moving over to Netherlands, as a student, professional or for other business, it is imperative that you find the right rental apartment. As an expat, you will find the Dutch rental scenario unique and difficult to handle. So you will need to know certain points and tips to be able to find your apartment quickly while meeting your specific requirements.

It is recommended to follow these tips to make your search hassle-free and quicker.

i. Find the Apartment through a Professional Rental Agent

It is far better to seek the assistance of a professional rental agent like Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate if you want to find the perfect apartment without any hassles. It will mean minimizing the time spent finding the perfect apartment. 

  • Professional rental services have the knowledge and experience in efficiently navigating through the complex Dutch housing system.
  • They can help match your housing preferences
  • You can have your queries answered
  • Some agents may also support you with points like insurance and utility subscriptions

A larger rental agent can have a larger selection of rental properties for you to choose from.

ii. Flexible & Affordable Rental

Whether you are going to stay for a few months or a few years, you will want to have an apartment that offers the perfect balance of flexibility and affordability. You may be a student or working abroad for a fixed period of time. A specialized expat real estate agent helps you find rooms, apartments, studio, or a large house for students for long or short periods of time based on your needs.

If you are a student living and studying in Netherlands, you may prefer a large house to live in a community-like environment. Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate helps you in meeting all kinds of expat rental requirements in Leiden and nearby cities by overcoming many of the hurdles that usually exist in this market, such as:

  • Restrictions that come with renting a short-term tenancy or a single room
  • Rentals limited to females or those having job contracts
  • Some agencies can refuse expats or students who have just arrived in the country

These experts can help you overcome all these hassles, making it a breeze for you to find expat rental apartments.

iii. Saving Valuable Time

Usually, apartment hunting in the Netherlands can take several months to find and sign the ideal accommodation for expats. Having a professional apartment rental agent on your side can significantly reduce that time. Instead of wasting your time and taking time off from work or study, you can let the experts identify the property that is perfect for you. Especially in cities like Leiden and Amsterdam, you cannot expect to find and finalize an apartment without spending many months. 

iv. Finding Furnished Apartments

Another challenge you face as an expat searching for rental apartment in Netherlands is that most Dutch apartments come unfurnished. As an expat, you will certainly need a furnished apartment with at least the minimum-basic amenities required to live. 

And an unfurnished apartment in Netherlands is much different from its counterpart in the United States or other countries. It means lack of not just appliances and lights, but also the absence of floors and painted walls. So it is extremely important to find a furnished apartment, which is actually rare to find. This makes it even more important to get the help of the right professional rental agent like Marcel van Hooijdonk Real Estate.