4 Updates To Make Any Room More Functional


Whether you have a lot of space or a little, you’ll benefit from making any room in your home a little more functional. From your office to your pantry, there are many small updates you can do to make your space easier to use. Here are four simple ways to update any room in your home.

1. Add Wheels

Putting wheels on your furniture makes it easier to use and easier to store. Add some casters to a desk, shelves, a storage bench, or a table to add flexibility to your space. You’ll be able to slide it to another area of the room when not in use, or rearrange whenever you need. This will help make any room more functional but is especially handy in smaller spaces or rooms that have multiple uses. If your office is also your workout space, you’ll love being able to quickly move your furniture to create an open space to exercise.

2. Label Everything

Labels can help keep every room of your home organized and tidy. With good labeling in a pantry, you can use a matching set of containers to create a cohesive look and allow you to utilize the space better. In closets, basements or other storage spaces, you can label all your boxes and totes to make things easier to locate. Your office or craft area can also benefit from labeling drawers and shelves to keep everything in it’s own dedicated space.

3. Use Vertical Space

Be sure to consider the higher spaces in a room for maximum functionality. In rooms with higher ceilings, use tall book cases, or mount shelves higher up for decorative items or storage of items you don’t use often. Vertical spaces can be very useful in kitchens or pantries as well. Often there are neglected storage spaces above kitchen cabinets or at the top of pantry shelves. Make these areas more accessible by keeping a folding stool stowed nearby to easily grab things from higher shelves.

4. Get Multi-Functional Furniture

When purchasing furniture, think about the space you’ll use it for and what you want to accomplish there. There are many options for furniture that give you flexibility to change up your rooms as needed. When redoing your guest room, consider a sofa bed to take up less space but still offer sleeping arrangements when needed. You can also consider a coffee table for the living room with a top that raises to allow for easy meals or working in the living room.

Regardless of the size of your home, any space can benefit from careful planning to maximize functionality. These tips will help you plan accordingly.