5 bathroom renovation tips


Whether you are renovating your bathroom yourself or contracting the renovation to a professional, you need bathroom renovation tips to get the best out of every renovation. 

Below are five of the best renovation tips for a bathroom. 

  1. Decide The Style Of Your Bathroom.

Choosing a style gives better direction for bathroom renovations. You get to decide early enough whether you want more space or want to cut your full bathroom in half for better privacy. If it’s space, then a shower caddy or a portable makeup organizer could come in handy. However, if it’s a full bathroom, you could let go of the bathtub while retaining the shower.

  1. Choose The Right Materials and Design.

Using the right materials for your bathroom renovation is vital and determines how successful that renovation would be. An aesthetically appealing material lacking longevity is always a bad idea since it would never last.

Limestones might look enticing for your bathroom floor today, but in a couple of months, the same stones would have accumulated stains, difficult to clean. A better option would be glazed porcelain tiles, which never require too much effort to clean since it is stain resistant. Also, glazed porcelain is a non-slip tile, therefore, giving your feet that firm grip on the floor. 

Your bathroom walls also deserve attention and beautification but never with a wallpaper. Use moisture-proof paint as that would keep your bathroom dry and clean.

  1. Pay Attention To Ventilation

Ventilation is the bedrock to a nice, odorless bathroom. A bathroom without proper ventilation would be prone to odors and decay. It could make your bathroom the most dreadful place in your house, for you and your visitors. Placing windows and fans during bathroom renovation in appropriate places in your bathroom eliminates the threat of smells.

  1. Don’t Install Accessories You Won’t Use.

The temptation to always have new things isn’t always a good idea, especially when it involves your bathroom. No matter how large the bathroom space may be, it’ll still be too small for unnecessary accessories. If you never stay long in your bathroom, then a bathtub shouldn’t be in your bathroom. You could use that space to fit in a functional cabinet for more storage. 

  1. Use The Right Colors.

Colors add beauty to your bathroom and also adds or takes something else, space. Light colors will make your bathroom look larger, while dark colors will shrink your bathroom in size.