5 Features to Consider When Choosing an Overbed Table with Storage


If you’ve ever been to the hospital — and chances are you have since there were approximately 145.6 million hospital visits in 2016 alone — you’ve probably seen an overbed table. They’re highly convenient for the staff and patients alike. As technology advances, more and more features are available that better these devices for everyone within a hospital.

USB Port 

Patients come in with their cell phones, so they can communicate with their family. Often, it’s a source of entertainment instead of them staring at the television or daydreaming for their entire stay. For convenience, you can find an overbed table with storage that has a USB port. This lets patients easily access a way to charge their cell phones. It’s especially beneficial for patients who are mainly confined to their bed while they’re at the facility.

Adjustable Lights

Some people need a high-powered light to see because of vision issues while others just want a hint of light while they sleep. Sometimes, the same person wants different levels of light at different times. With adjustable lighting on an overbed table, a patient gets to choose the level of light he or she wants and may adjust it as necessary. Since the switch is right beside them, it allows the patient to control the lighting without the need to bother the staff.

Electrical Outlets

While having a table to eat and place items on is important, an overbed table with storage with an electrical outlet is extremely convenient for patients. They have an area to charge their laptop, phone, or plug in a portable entertainment device. It also is convenient for the staff because they don’t have to try to hook up the patient’s items along with their equipment into the wall outlets.


One of the biggest features of a table for the bed is the storage. Patients have items that they don’t want to have to retrieve while they’re not feeling well, or are hurt, or recovering. They want access to all of their belongings that they’ll use when they need. The storage gives patients the ability to access their belongings and not have to ask a nurse or aid for help.

Customizable Design

Not every patient is the same size, nor are they going to use the table for the same purposes. A customizable design makes the table usable for all patients since it moves to their specific needs. Plus, depending on how the device moves, it could make storage easier.

An overbed table has been a staple in hospitals for years. However, the features of newer ones improve the patient experience. Some of the features take stress off the staff as well since patients have access to electrical plugs, lighting, and more.