5 Reasons Why Cherner Counter Stool Is Perfect For Your Homes


The Cherner Counter Stool is a thing of beauty – it’s got style, charisma, and a bold presence that never fails to make an impact no matter where it’s been placed. It was designed in 1958 by Norman Cherner, and has since become an icon of midcentury modern furniture designs. It has a universal aesthetic appeal, but if you’re still mulling it over, here are 5 reasons why this stool would make the perfect addition to your homes:

  1. Clean design with eclectic twist

The sleek look and carefully crafted design of the Cherner Counter Stool is one of its most amazing qualities. At a time where people were focusing on being eclectic and unusual, Norman Cherner created something timeless and universally appealing. Even today, this stool would make an excellent addition to contemporary kitchen designs. Its slender stature and tall design would make an instant statement no matter where it’s placed around your kitchens.

  1. Dramatic visuals

Secondly, the understated drama of the Cherner Counter Stool would simply ramp up the overall appeal of your space. Whether you’re furnishing it with a countertop with a light finish or a bar with a dark stone top, it would always belie the contrast and make the surroundings feel totally clean and modern. Its subtle curves and eclectic undertones will totally enhance your ambiance and take it from dull and boring to interesting and visually appealing.

  1. Beautiful “stained” wood texture

The molded plywood beech core of the Cherner Counter Stool was an avant-garde choice of material back in the day. The experimental materials make this stool even more unique and intriguing in the design world. The laminated construction graduates thin thickness so that it never feels unsteady to sit on. You can even go for different finishes – walnut or beech. The “wooden” patina delivers a universal appeal to the overall stool aesthetic and makes it totally versatile in looks.

  1. Slim aesthetic

The single shell curved seat and back design of the Cherner Counter Stool emulates a sense of sleek continuity within its design. The slender looks are part of the overall appeal of this stool. The laminated legs are held steady by the structural support of a thin stainless steel frame. This encumbers an inherent sturdiness and durability to the stool while delivering it with the best support. Coupled with the tallness, this quality makes the Cherner Counter Stool almost diaphanous within a home interior.

  1. Midcentury icon

More than anything else, the Cherner Counter Stool would make an excellent addition to your homes because it is a veritable midcentury modern icon. Norman Cherner designed it for Plycraft in 1958 and since then, it was discontinued. But the universal appeal of the design was perfectly suitable for contemporary sensibilities, and so the stool was brought back in production again by the Cherner Chair Company.

These are the reason why the Cherner Counter Stool would make a beautiful and timeless addition to your home interiors. We hope you’ll ramp up your homes with its distinct aesthetics.