5 Smart Ways to Use Natural Pesticides for Pest Removal

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Birds, insects, and rodents are all beautiful and enriching in nature, but harmful as pests. Pests have the potential to cause illnesses, destroy food, or cause bodily harm. There are numerous pest removal methods to pick from. The use of pesticides is the most accessible approach to the pest problem.  Common pesticides can rid you of pests but with potential side-effects to you and your environment. Natural pesticides are effective, cheap, and nature friendly. Let us learn five smart ways for Preventative Pest Control In The UK.

  • Use diatomaceous earth where pests hide.

Diatomaceous earth has proven to be a silver bullet in pest removal. What is that? That is, earth formed from sedimentary rock of natural algae. Diatomaceous earth is abundant at about 26% of the earth’s crust.

This pesticide works by dehydrating small pests like snails and insects that crawl in your backyard. It is abrasive and cuts their exoskeleton and absorbs lipids. Wet surfaces are not ideal candidates for diatomaceous earth. It should be placed discretely when used for bedding; it should be vacuumed within two hours.

  • Use live pesticides

You don’t have to go over the edge when using natural pesticides. All you have to do is plant some known pest repellants around your home. Mosquitoes, for instance, avoid eucalyptus; fleas avoid fleabane while ants avoid cucumber. Using this approach not only rids pests but makes your environment cleaner.

  • Make a cocktail of natural pesticides.

Several natural pesticides can be prepared at home. The best way to use natural pesticides is to mix for better effect. “How?” you ask. I will show you an example to illustrate this point. Oil spray insecticide effectively handles ants that you don’t know is mixing it with soap spray make it invincible.

Check for natural pesticides that are compatible with each other. Neem oil and soap spray go hand in hand as garlic works properly with tomato leaf.

  • Make, use, and observe, then modify.

There is no one size fit all pest control method. So unfortunate. But you got the power to make it work for you. Prepare natural pesticides safely to avoid contamination. Use pesticides and take note of their effectiveness. Pay close attention to different natural pesticides used. Look at how effective they are to your desired goal.

Check for any side-effects and adjust accordingly. If one pesticide is not working for you, choose another. When you find a pesticide that works best for you, keep it.

Use food-grade pesticide

The most significant danger of pesticides is that most are poisonous. Using harmless types of pesticides keeps you and your family safe. Diatomaceous earth can be used to kill bed mites, and it harmless to humans. That keeps your family safe in case proper cleaning isn’t done after pest use.

Final word

Do you want to help the world go green? Choose natural pesticides. Do your due diligence in natural pesticide selection.  Some natural pesticides can be harmful to you and your environment. What are you waiting for? Use the above methods for better result s with natural pesticides.