5 Tips When You Want to Hang Antique Rugs on Your Wall



There’s no doubt about it that an Antique Rug really is a special work of art, and they actually can function as so much more than just flooring design. A lot of people are now choosing to hang antique rugs up on their wall as a form of creative artwork, and this is surely a growing home décor trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

There of course are some pretty serious considerations that you’re going to need to keep in mind when attempting to hang an antique rug on your wall, including things like:

    • The rug’s weight
    • Rug material
  • Rug size
  • The age of the rug

Below we’ll be going over 5 tips to keep in mind when you’re considering hanging an antique rug up on your wall!

  1. Rods And Hooks

A lot of people think that their best option is to simply pin or tack an antique rug up on their wall to permanently keep it in place, but you really should avoid thumbtacks and pushpins at all costs while working with these types of high-quality cloths! Pins actually put a lot of stress on antique rug fabrics, and this will inevitably lead to the rug’s shape destruction and weakening.

This is why a lot of people choose rods as a way to properly display their antique rugs on their walls, and you can utilize hooks that are mounted into your wall to appropriately hold the rods in place. You’ll need to utilize a casing that is slipped over the rod just like with other types of heavy drapes.

  1. Casing

One of the most common area rug hanging methods is using a high-quality casing material, which many times comes in the form of heavy cotton. This linen will need to be sewn into the back edge of the antique rug in order to properly mount the area rug, and this is mainly because you’ll want to protect the rug’s fabric at all costs.

It’s likely that you’ll see how the rug’s edge won’t be perfectly straight along your wall without the casing, which is why the casing should be sewn very straight and tightly to avoid any potential sagging.

You’ll also want to consider painting the metal or wood that ends up slipping through the casing in order to protect the casing’s fibers from potential rusting over long periods of time.

  1. Velcro

Velcro truly is an amazing product that’s prized for its overall versatility, and these days a lot of people are hanging antique rugs via a board that’s mounted on a wall’s studs. You’ll end up hand-stitching the Velcro soft side to rug’s back edge in order to hang it properly.

Be sure to put the strong Velcro side on your wall, as this is the more appropriate way to hold the rug onto the wall’s mounting. This is a good rug hanging option for lighter area rugs, but heavier rugs will still be capable of being hung by Velcro. You’ll just need to use multiple strips in order to ensure the rug’s security!

  1. A Mounted Frame

A lot of people are into using a mounted frame for their area rug wall art, which can even be stretched out on canvas to make the antique rug truly shine like the work of art that it is.

Although this rug mounting is undoubtedly more complex, it’s very secure and potentially even sturdier as compared to the above options. Handmade and flatweave area rugs do well within this type of hanging method because of how lightweight they are, and what essentially occurs is that the area rug is intricately sewn onto the stretched out canvas at the rug’s edges.

This is of course a very intricate process, but what’s great about the end product of this hanging method is that you’ll essentially be able to hang the area rug up on your wall just like you would any other picture!

  1. Extra Mounting Caution Tips

Antique rugs are of course really old, which means they’ll be more susceptible to certain elements like sunlight and even certain artificial lighting. You’re never going to want to hang your antique rug in a spot on your wall where it will age must faster than it normally would.

Humidity is also another factor that you’re going to need to keep in mind, because antique rugs are more vulnerable to things like mold and mildew development. You should also make sure that no Plexiglas or glass is touching the antique rug, because this can end up developing unwanted buildup that’s bad for the fabric.

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