5 Ways to Modernise Commercial Interior Design


The modern office looks different compared to the 90s or even 2000s for the better. Nowadays, offices focus on the well-being of employees and give more unique designs for each brand. Of course, if you want to go along with modernisation, you must let go of some outdated interior designs. And instead, partner with a commercial interior design company in Singapore to upgrade your workplace.

As you become part of modern society, you also need to upgrade your office environment so your employees can become more motivated. In doing so, you can improve their work experience.

 5 Ways to Modernise the Commercial Interior Design

Modernising the commercial interior design can elevate the employee workplace experience. Not only that, but you can also improve your brand image. It’s time to let go of outdated ideas and be more open to changes. Here are the five ways you can modernise your commercial interior design in Singapore.

1. Allot a Recreational Space

It’s essential that employers also consider the well-being of their employees. To do so, modern offices build recreational spaces where employees can relax after their shifts. You can add billiards, television, a relaxing lounge space, and vending machines. When improving your office design in Singapore, don’t forget the well-being of your employees for a more successful renovation.

2. Playful and Creative Office Space

Gone are the days when an office looks monotonous. Now, you can be playful and creative with your interior design for the office. You can have a colourful wall where you can add some quirky decorations. Perhaps, you can also display some modern paintings as they stand out from other offices.

3. Incorporate Indoor Plants

You can also incorporate indoor plants into your office space and make it look fresh and inviting. Aside from the indoor plants, you can also open the windows for natural light. It can make your office look more spacious and less suffocating.

So, consider buying indoor plants for better interior design when planning for office reinstatement. It can even improve the mood of your employees after a stressful day.

4. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Another way to make your office interior design successful is to consider your employees’ comfort. You can do this by investing in ergonomic chairs that offer better support when a person is sitting. It helps your employees to stay healthy, especially if they have to work in front of the computer for eight hours.

5. Add More Colour to Your Office Space

The interior design can make your office space look more fun and less strict by playing with colours. You can go against the rules and paint your walls any colour you want. Perhaps, a colour that will reflect your brand. You can go for neon, pastel, and even earth-toned shades. As a result, you can keep your office looking more fun yet professional.

Design and build with ID Inc in Singapore to modernise your workplace. Let them help you adapt to modern times and make your workplace relevant. Contact them today to plan how to renovate your commercial interior design.