6 Factors that Define an Effective F&B Interior Design in Singapore Restaurants


The commercial interior design of restaurants in Singapore or overseas must engage all the senses. Customers are also expected to be impressed by the ambience and the surrounding space. Here are six factors that define how people dine today.

#1 Natural Materials

Interior designers and restaurant interiors will continue to be inspired by nature. Untreated surfaces or exposed materials such as concrete, bricks, wood, and metal will continue to be a popular element of many restaurants.

#2 Vintage With a Modern Feel

Vintage has also made a reappearance in recent years. Incorporate vintage items in the modern F&B interior design of your Singapore restaurant. It provides a warm and beautiful environment that does not appear or feel antiquated.

#3 A Wall Full of Art

Designers see the possibilities of restaurant wall surfaces. Graffiti, digital, and abstract art are adorning the inside of several of Singapore’s upscale eating establishments.

#4 Ambient Lighting

Minimalist restaurants and home interior design in Singapore now do not use vintage lighting and chandeliers. Pendant lights and rustic recessed & customised lamps are the trends these days.

#5 Open Kitchen

Traditionally, kitchens are out of the sight of the public. However, open kitchen interior designs are a trend for Singapore restaurants nowadays. The sights, sounds, and smells of cooking food contribute to the overall ambience of the restaurant’s interior.

#6 Clandestine Spaces

Even while dining out, some eaters want a sense of seclusion. Certain restaurants have areas separated by partitions. They aim to provide customers with private rooms that do not separate them from the rest of the restaurant.

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