6 Tips To Implement Energy-Efficiency At Home

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If you want to save money while cutting down on your carbon footprint, being energy-efficient is the way to go. Implementing a few simple measures will go a long way in being green and doing your bit for the environment. Something as simple as lowering the heat in your home or opting for the lower setting on your washing machine can have a great impact on your energy bills.

Picture this – If all of us come together and consciously made just one environment-friendly change in our lives, we can have a remarkable impact on our planet, our communities and of course our energy bills as well.

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For most of us, we don’t know where to start. In this piece, we have compiled a list of tips that will help us be more green in our homes.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Loft Insulation

If the walls and roofs of your home are poorly insulated it can lead to considerable loss of heat energy. If this happens, your central heating system will have to work extra hard to maintain comfortable temperatures and this leads to more energy being consumed. But with loft insulation, you could end up saving anywhere between £120  £225 every year. Keep in mind that the extent of your saving will also depend on your property type and its exact location.

  1. Door Insulation and Hanging Thick Curtains

We can all agree that simple solutions are the best solutions. To prevent heat loss in your home, you can simply hang thick curtains over your windows. This will give your home a rather snug and cosy feeling, especially during nighttime. You can also purchase stick-on insulation to apply on the sides of your doors. Not only are these cheap but it will all add up to your home’s toasty ambience at no extra cost. In fact, you will notice this in your low energy bills.

  1. Keep a Watch on Your Energy Consumption

Do you have any way to measure how much energy you actually use? A simple solution is to invest in an energy monitor that will help you keep a close watch on your consumption. This would cost around £25 to £40 but in some cases, energy providers might give these to customers free of cost.

Install the monitor in a place where everyone can see it. For instance, your fully fitted kitchen or your living room are ideal choices. These handy gadgets calculate the amount of energy consumed and how much that will cost which works as a great reminder for you to cut back.

  1. Install Water-saving Showerheads

While a long bath is the go-to option, it is certainly not eco-friendly as you end up wasting quite a lot of water. This is why showerheads are more preferable as they are comparatively greener than baths. But the question is, how efficient are these?

Spending 20 minutes under the cascading hot water soaping yourself isn’t as energy-saving as you might think. In some cases, power showers end up using more water than a bath in just five minutes. This is why installing a water-saving showerhead is the best option as you will reduce the amount of water and energy you use in the bathroom.

  1. Install Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps have gained a lot of popularity recently as they cater to both heating and hot water requirements in homes. These systems help you save money on bills, encourage lower fossil fuel usage and qualify you for government subsidies and tax benefits. These renewable heat pumps can operate on both wind and solar energy which further adds to your savings on electricity bills. Just ensure that you hire a professional and experienced air source heat pump installation company to do the job.

  1. Install Double Glazing

You’ll be surprised at the notable difference that double glazing can make in your annual energy bills! While the investment in double glazed windows is slightly high, it will help trap more heat in your home which means you won’t have to use your heating systems as much. This, of course, will reflect in your reduced energy bills in the long run.

The Bottom Line…

You have to introduce some changes around your house and in your habits of course to make a difference that’s worthwhile. But when it a question of adopting a more clean and green approach while making considerable savings, changes like these will prove to be beneficial.

It’s the effort that counts as it will have a larger overall impact if all of us implement at least some of these tips in our lives.

Author Bio: Uzma is a big fan of ‘all things nature’. She loves to write about green hacks, business and marketing. On most days you’ll find her curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea! You can follow her on twitter!