7 Main Fridge Malfunctions


A fridge is probably the favorite, most wanted and crucial household appliance in any home. Just think about that. How many times per day do you open that cold metal door?

And it’s a pity, but a fridge is also among the most unnoted and underestimated parts of electric equipment inside one’s living. People are so used to know that their food storage is available and working that they can’t imagine their lives without refrigerators, and at the same time they usually don’t care about the fridge’s maintenance until it’s too late.

But, sooner or later, that moment comes. And most frequently, it becomes a really stunning blow to the owner. Fortunately, buying a completely new refrigerator after the owned one stops working properly is mostly not obligatory.

There exist specialists able to find, understand and fix the fridge malfunction within a couple of hours. And of course, the cost of their job will be significantly lower than the sum you might be asked to pay for a new refrigerator.

Here below is the list of the most widespread and annoying fridge malfunctions. In case you notice any of them with your equipment, it is recommended to contact the repair specialist as soon as possible.

Home refrigerator potential issues:

  • No internal lighting;
  • Noise while working (knocking, humming, rattling);
  • Water leakage;
  • The ice on the inner walls of the freezer compartment;
  • Not enough (or too much) cold production inside the fridge;
  • Lack of cooling with the compressor switched on/off;
  • The fridge stops working several moments after the start-up.

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