7 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Professional Fumigation Services Agency For Pest Control!


It’s just common and understandable for all middle-class people to be budget-conscious and be wary of giving away any amount of money for services he doesn’t trust or require.

Now, while most middle-class home-owners might not be informed but pest infestation in homes may cost them dearly in terms of money as well as health. Thereby, all homeowners need to choose professional fumigation services agencies that can help eliminate any threat of pest infestation before it spread out of control.

Now, a genuine question may be as to why we can’t choose a DIY option (plenty are available in the market), and why to go for the professional agency? Well, in reality, while DIY pest control may seem a cheaper approach at the front, in reality, it could prove a bad decision for multiple reasons including health hazards as well as, incomplete fumigation.

Below we have come up with some solid reasons to choose professional fumigation services agency for pest control in your homes:

  1. Most homeowners aren’t well-versed with the science of pesticides, as well as, the hazard implications of pesticides. Since the agents used in the fumigation services are strong chemicals, only trained and licensed people should use them, as any misuse can lead to health and monetary liability.
  2. Fumigation services don’t only cover eliminating live pests, but also identifying the breeding sources of pests and eliminating them in the source. This again requires years of experience and professional training to be able to properly scan the entire house and checkmark any potential site that may act as a breeding ground for pests and thus can only be accomplished by a professional fumigation service agency
  3. DIY pest control job may take double time to carry out as compared to trained technicians carrying out the job
  4. When you perform DIY for pest control, you often need to do it periodically over and over again, due to the inability to eliminate the source. Thereby, while professional fumigation services in Karachi  may seem to cost higher initially, in the longer run, it’s worth the money and time saved on repetitive fumigation job required due to consistent infestations
  5. Even if you can source a high-quality pesticide from the market, you need to be had to command over Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques focused on the environmentally safe application of pesticides. A professional fumigation services agency will have the expertise to ensure safe and environmentally friendly pest control using IPM techniques.
  6. By hiring professional fumigation services agency, you may source a partner who can also offer supplementary services (requires time to time for homes) including Sofa cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, floor cleaning services amongst others. Thereby, you get a partner whom you can trust to take care of various home maintenance services, while also enjoying promotions and discounts for bundled services
  7. Last but not least, the majority of homeowners finally resort to professional fumigation services agency after several episodes of DIY jobs. So, why waste time and energy initially?

The Don’ts of choosing a professional fumigation services agency!

Now, that you are ready to hire a professional agency, here are some don’ts which you need to consider when finalizing a professional agency:

Don’t hire a company that:

  • Claim using a secret formula – remember there isn’t any secret in pesticides and you need to be sure about regulatory compliance as well as safety standards of the pesticide used in your home. Thereby, any company not willing to inform you about their pesticide agents must be avoided
  • Don’t answer their calls – when they can ignore your calls before the service, you can’t expect anything from them for after fumigation services
  • Don’t show their license – Claiming to be a licensed company isn’t enough. You need to check out their licensing and certification individually to be sure about their standards
  • Doesn’t specialize in Fumigation services – there are various cleaning companies that offer fumigation services as part and parcel of their package. Be sure to avoid them at all costs. Alternatively, a specialized fumigation agency offering supplementary cleaning services like sofa cleaning services may be chosen (for benefits mentioned above)
  • Doesn’t give guarantees – generally, fumigation services agencies offer 6 months to 2 years of guarantee against pests infestations. This also includes bi-yearly or yearly pest checkups at your homes. Make sure the company you choose is offering the guarantee and alternative free checkups as well
  • Doesn’t show up on decided time – you need to vacate your home for at least a night for fumigation services, which is already a big hassle and any company not showing on the desired time will only add to your hassle and isn’t worth to be hired for the services