7 Ways To Feature An Oval Tulip Table Replica In Your Homes


The tulip table is one of the most iconic midcentury modern furniture pieces to date. It’s highly sought after and has spawned off an entire line of replicas so homeowners can get it at a reasonable rate. The oval tulip table is part of Eero Saarinen’s pedestal collection as well, but not many people focus on it. It’s typically designed for larger homes and is perfect for hosting extensive dinner parties. Let’s take a look at 7 ways to feature an oval tulip table replica in your homes:

  1. An open dining space

The best way to feature your oval tulip table replica in your homes is by placing in the center of your layout. The challenge here is to find a vast enough space that complements the oversized physique of the table itself. Moreover, if you want to make it even more stylistic than it already is, you can go for colorful accompanying chairs and a statement light fixture hanging in the middle of the table top.


  1. Contouring with curved walls

The oval tulip table replica can be a bit hard to present elegantly, but you can certainly make a charismatic ambiance by complementing it with curved wall. If yu don’t have actual curved walls in your homes, you can go for superficial ones. Laser cut partition screens and full-sized vertical mullions are an excellent example. But do make sure that the oval tulip table remains the focal point of the entire ambiance.


  1. Dining with a view

The oval tulip table replica is one of the most artistic pieces of furniture you’ll ever come across. Therefore, its seamless and sculptural form would make a great foreground for a picture window setting. Its gently curving silhouette and sleek aesthetic would look brilliant with any urban or landscape style backdrop. You can enhance it even more by placing gorgeous statement accessories on its top.


  1. The ultimate working surface

The oval tulip table replica is oversized, and therefore, dining is not the only activity you can carry out on it. In fact, you can indulge in so many more activities with the help of this table. For example, it can be a makeshift conference table, your worktop surface, or even just a bar replacement where you can relax with a bottle of your favorite drink. You can even surround it with books and other literary and charismatic trinkets for the best effect.


  1. Anchoring open floor layouts

The oval tulip table replica looks best when it is situated strategically in an open floor layout. It’s large size and charismatic presence means that it can be used as an accent piece, so you can design a full eclectic ambiance around it. Its sculptural form will help anchor the entire ambiance, so even though your surroundings are full of color and texture, the table can act as a grounding piece for everything.

The oval tulip table replica is definitely an opportunity to introduce something statement worthy in your homes, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.