A Better Way To Pool: Top Three Things You Need To Keep Your Pool Clean

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It is not easy to practice good pool maintenance if you lack the proper tools and equipment to do it. You have to stock up on a few essentials and then you can build from there. Having the right tools at hand will not only make your life easier, but it will also let you enjoy your pool so much more. Mr Pool Man, Australia’s industry leader in pool service, will help you achieve your dream pool. They not only give advice and amazing support, but they also provide products you only need.

Onga Hammerhead Automatic Pool Cleaner

A lot of people recommend this cleaner. It is an easy and affordable solution for cleaning your pool at only $325. You only have to hook it up and it will go clean your pool while you relax. Onga has a reputation for durability, performance, and high-quality pool supplies. This brand is a quality choice among professionals. The Hammerhead cleaner has a silent flapper and a built-in bumper. The flapper creates the kinetic energy powering the cleaner around your pool. The bumper ensures your cleaner is free to move around ladders, steps, and obstacles. The cleaner has no wheels or gears to jam and no diaphragms to replace. The sleek and compact design makes maneuvering easier. It is easy to set up and suitable for all pool surfaces. It operates in silent mode and even has a 3-year warranty.

Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner

At $1,250, this cleaner has a smart motion system equipped. Zodiac cleans the pool walls and floor without the need of your supervision. It weighs only 5 to 7kg, making it one of the lightest robots on the market. Zodiac has an easy-to-clean filter which makes things even simpler for you. Its 2.5-hour cleaning cycle covers both floor and walls. The transparent window makes viewing the collected debris possible. Zodiac comes with a 2-year warranty.

Jet-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner Graphite

Jet-Vac is an efficient pressure-driven pool cleaner that can collect large debris. The Aqua-Quip booster pump powers Jet-Vac so it can clean your pool in about 2-3 hours. This cleaner is great for heavy leaf loads. Its huge throat at 115mm can pick up almost anything in your pool. The automatic forward/reverse cycles provide a thorough pool coverage. The cleaner needs a dedicated plumbing line. Jets of water provide propulsion and cleaning. You can install the Aqua-Quip Flow Control Timer to improve the performance of Jet-Vac.

Mr Pool Man provides the best pool service in Australia. They even offer easy returns for standard domestic orders. It ensures ordering is risk-free. They also carry the factory warranties for each product. They can guide you in any selection or support request you need.