A Few Reasons behind Winter Roof Leaks


Winter roof leaks are a troublesome factor of the colder months just like ice on your windshield and salt on the underside of your vehicle. Unlike other nuisances, commercial roof leaks in winter severely affect the roof and building structures. In certain situations, the roof may leak ONLY in the winter, but it may remain dry any other season. These winter roof leaks have the same ability to disrupt your company on a wide scale. D’Angelo & Sons are here to help you in repairing your roof leakages and famous for eavestrough repair in Kitchener. Here we discuss a few reasons behind winter leaks:

Ice Dams – The term ice dam is the ridge of ice that grows at the edge of a roof. It is one of the most common causes of winter rooftop leaks. It prevents the normal flow of water, like any other form of dam—in this case, it traps the water of melting snow on your house.  If the ice dam traps water on your roof, the water finds some pinhole or seam voids and penetrates the house.

Bad Seams — Seams are one of the most prone areas of water penetration in your roof during any season. If there are defective seams between panels or membrane rolls, leaks will be shown in winter. Especially as the temperature rises in the days after heavy snowfall you can see bad seams on a roof leaking. Therefore, the snow easily melts, creating severe leakage in the winter roofs and causing runoff in faulty seams.

Roof Membrane Racking — your flat roof membrane works hard throughout the year to keep your building waterproof. However, winter is proven to be a hard time surviving for the membrane. The consistent freezing and thawing period of winter strains the membrane itself, creating cracks and gradually leaking in older roofs.

Susceptible Flashings — An unforeseen source of leakage from the winter roof, flashings are meant to avoid rain damages, but infiltration from blowing snow leads to damage. Since it is possible drifting or blowing snow can move laterally, it will penetrate in flashing in and then melt. This is also to blame for very modern, well-constructed roofs, which only leak during the winter.

You must wait until the snow melts to do some valuable work, in such time you can get done eavestrough repair in Kitchener. When the snow melted, one or more of these flat roof repair methods may be leveraged.