A Homeowners Guide: Signs You Need Wildlife Removal Services


No matter how hard people try to scare away animals from their residential or commercial property, some animals still find their way into these buildings every time. Often these animals are usually in search of food and shelter, and all of these buildings provide both. For homeowners who fear that they might have unwanted guests inside their homes, here are some warning signs to look for along with other useful information about effective wildlife removal.

Flickering Lights and Odd Noises

After having lived in a house or worked in an office for quite some time, people appear to cope with the noises the structure makes. However, sometimes these sounds may eventually start to behave in a funny way that everything does not seem to sound right anymore. Whether the noise sounds like something is scratching and scurrying around in the walls, this is a clear sign that somebody has some unwanted guest in their house. Also, flickering lights could be an indicator an animal might be chewing on electrical cables. People who notice these strange sounds in their homes should consider hiring a wildlife control expert from around their area right away.

Visible Holes or Droppings

Wild animals have no problem leaving their droppings anywhere around a residential or commercial space. If a person gets suspicious there could be a wildlife infestation of some sort, one should check around their homes for some animal droppings and unusual holes in the walls. Some of the best places to look for these signs include the basement area, in the attic, and corners of bedrooms. It is important to note that many of these animal droppings may contain germs that can make a person sick, so it is crucial to leave all the cleaning in the hands of the experts.

Wildlife Sightings

There is no better indicator of a wildlife infestation than actually coming across the animals in person. Some of the most common animals homeowners report about most include birds, bats, skunks, and raccoons. Homeowners should not approach or try to trap these animals on their own. This task should always be undertaken by an experienced and skilled professional at all times.

Signs of Digging in the Yard

Wild animals can do some serious damage to a person’s property landscaping. Animals like skunks and raccoons love to dig around, searching for insects when they are hungry. These animals’ ears are so sharp that many of them can actually hear grubs, worms, and other insects wandering about in the ground underneath. As a consequence, they end up turning the garden soil and sod upside down in order to secure food. If a person realizes any of these signs, it would be great to check around for any possible infestation as well as hire a competent wildlife control expert from around their area.


Finding an animal roaming about on your residential or commercial property is enough to scare the living crap out of both the homeowner and the animal on hand. A wildlife removal westfield ma service is an excellent option every homeowner can trust to ensure animal control and prevent further damage to their residential or commercial property.

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