A List Of Basic Material Required For Construction

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Before you start your building project, whether it is for residential, industrial, or commercial uses, a list of construction materials is needed. Cement, steel, sand, ready-mix concrete, connecting wires, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, bricks, pipe supplies, blocks are included in the essential building materials list. Any material used in the building must be carefully chosen to ensure the protection and durability of the structure.

All building materials have different Sizes, grades, and Brands; they have their own versatility and strength for different construction purposes. Here are a few construction materials that are required on each construction site:


Cement is a material that sets, strengthens, and links all other materials together. Cement comes in different grades such as; cement of 43 grades   Cement of 53 grades, PPC cement, concrete of PSC, etc. A variety of brands are made in Canada. In Canada, some popular cement brands are Lafarge, Ash grove, nuvoco, etc, visit website to check more.

Sand and Fine Aggregates

In Canada, there are two types of sands: river sand and river manufactured (Also known as Robo Silicon Sand). The sand of the river is drained from the bed of the river and manufactured sand is created artificially. The manufactured sand also referred to as M-sand is getting popular due to the government’s advice and the fact that river sand is scarce and unavailable and expensive. It is also well known as the M-sand.

Ready Mix Concrete

The ready mixed concrete is widely available when it is made in a factory and supplied directly on the building site. The Ready Mix Concrete reduce labor on the site, that’s why it is used on-site. RMC is divided into M-20, M-25, M-30, M- 35, etc based on functionality and application.

TMT Binding Wires

Due to the strength of the TMT Steel bars, connecting wires are used to connect them and they provide appropriate support for the building.

Coarse Aggregates

Fine aggregates are made up of River sand, Slag sand, or M- sand. Coarse aggregates are the fillers in concrete mixes.  It is available in different sizes of 6mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 40 mm. Coarse aggregates are also known as blue metal, jelly, and crushed stone. The coarse aggregate is meant to serve as the main load-bearing ingredient of the concrete.


For constructing walls, bricks and blocks are used. The shapes, sizes, and strength are based on various building demands. Blocks and high strength bricks are used primarily for load-bearing purposes.