A washing machine depending on the space and location you have



Whether you have a lot of space or a more limited space, whether you want it with or without integration under a worktop, the choice of your washing machine is, with the fridge, the most discussed and considered choice, because it occupies an important place in a home. Choose your Best washing machine wisely now.

A top or front washing machine?

The advantage of the “top” loading washing machine: its thinness! From 40 to 46 cm, they fit everywhere. But perhaps you want to fit it under your worktop, generally 85 cm high: a washing machine is ideal.

A classic washing machine or washer-dryer?

If you have little space in your house or apartment, a washer-dryer is the most suitable solution for you. This 2 in 1 has its advantages, such as its practicality, and its disadvantages, such as its high electricity consumption.

Which capacity to choose for your washing machine?

It is a widespread idea: the more the drum is of great capacity, the less you will do detergents.

In reality, for a single person, a washing machine with a capacity of 5 kg is advised. 7 kg for a couple. 9 to 10 kg for a family. The advantage of a large capacity: it allows washing large items of laundry.

What spin speed?

It’s quite simple to understand: the faster the spin speed, the faster the laundry will dry. And contrary to popular belief, spinning does not damage clothes. Counted in number of revolutions per minute, the spin speed can reach up to 1600 revolutions / minute. Most washing machines spin at up to 1200 rpm.

An economical washing machine

With technological improvements, washing machines have gained 35% in water and energy savings in ten years. The on-board electronics make them “intelligent” machines capable of analyzing, adjusting and adapting the washing parameters of a cycle according to the quantity of laundry and the desired preferences.

On paper, the concept has it all. Its major assets? Space saving obviously, since you combines the functions of two devices in one machine. The second is less visible but also appreciable. You save time when the drying function is automatically linked after a wash cycle without having to take the clothes out of the tub.

Stronger to wash than to dry

Like the classic models, these handsets have super capacities, from 7 to 12 kg. The catch? These performances only apply to washing. therefore, if you want to combine the programs without handling between the two, you have to focus on the drying and not washing function to determine the quantity of laundry to load.

Not green, green

As surprising as it may seem, to condense the water vapor extracted from the fibers, these dual-function machines use. Water, when the only condensation or heat pump dryers are satisfied with the ambient air. Certain reveals in its tests, it takes 6 liters per kilo of cotton laundry and 8 liters for synthetic textiles.

Full steam ahead

Last hidden asset, some washer-dryers promise easy ironing. How? ‘Or’ What? They have either a “steam” option which relaxes the fibers of the fabrics so that the pieces come out less wrinkled, or a “ready to iron” option which leaves the laundry slightly damp at the end of the cycle, and therefore easier to wash to work as long as you take out your iron in the minutes following the final beep.