All you Need to Know about Aerated Concrete

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Aerated concrete is considered to be a full addition of the technology. It is one of the dynamic building materials, which is a mixture of cement, aluminum powder, sand, and water. The addition of this component was done in the early 90s when a professor mixed the different components in a proper proportion. This caused the mix to expand dramatically.

Some of the remarkable features of the Aerated Concrete include:

Density and compressive strength

This material is known for its good mechanical strength. At the same time, it has got a high insulation quality over the wide density range. The density of the concrete is highly influenced by the moisture content in the cement. For a gaseous concrete, a lesser ratio with water solid might lead to insufficient aeration procedure while a higher ratio one will result in ruptures of voids. Ultimately, the fact is the compressive strength of this material increases with the density linearly.

Drying shrinkage

This is considered to be an influencing factor in the structural property. It results from the loss of the absorbing water from a material. It is considered to be significant because of the high porosity. Now, only the usage of cement as the binder is considered to be more significant in the Drying shrinkage than the lime or lime cement mixture.

Fire resistant

This ability of the aerated concrete to resist fire is considered to be the remarkable one. It has got a lower thermal conductivity property which gives a good indication of the fire resisting property. It neither does spall during the fire.


The ease with which it can be drilled, nailed, and sawn adds an advantage to its name. The holes can be easily made neatly by avoiding most of the damages to the walls.

Cost reduction is one of the great factors considered in any project related to construction. You do not need to worry about the aerated concrete price? The aerated concrete price (ราคา อิฐมวลเบา, which is the term in Thai) is quite reasonable, which supports the quality it is to provide to the users. Moreover, after the cost-benefit analysis, it is considered to be a highly cost-saving technique. Though initially it was used as an insulating material, the interest of the people has grown gradually.