An Effective Guideline on Choosing the Right LED Light Bulb for Any Room

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You might probably have learned that sunlight is the source of energy. But were you aware of the fact light bulbs operate similarly? Bulbs emitting blue light waves give out serotonin, which helps us to become focused, alert and awake. Bulbs not emitting blue light waves facilitates the production of melatonin from our brains. This melatonin is responsible for making us feel drowsy and relaxed and preps us for proper night sleep.

Bulbs of lower temperatures give out warm-whites-that is the same as fire. However, bulbs of medium temperature give off neutral-whites. Bulbs of higher temperatures, on the other hand, either mimic daylight or gives out cool-whites.

It is widely a misunderstood concept that Watt is used to measuring a light bulb’s brightness. When in fact, watts are used to measure the usage of energy. It is the Lumens that measure brightness.

LED Lights for Your Bedroom

Most of us crave for a relaxed and peaceful ambiance in our bedrooms. Keeping away from blue light waves in your bedrooms shall help the circadian rhythm from baffling the bedroom light with the natural light. 

This enables your brain to give out melatonin, required for a peaceful sleep. If you wish to invest in an LED lamp (หลอด ไฟ LED, which is the term in Thai) for your bedside table, choose neutral or soft blue tones for reading purposes. 

LED Lights for Living Room

The living room is the heart of your house which entertains guests and a place to unwind post a long and tiresome day. Whether you are hooked up to the TV watching your favorite show, chatting up with your family, you need a mix of light sources in the living room. 

A mix of a variety of lights is preferable for the living room to adapt to kinds of occasions. You can install adjustable spotlight LED lamps on the walls to highlight your precious artworks, paintings, murals, etc.

LED Lights for Dining Room

You definitely wouldn’t wish for lighting that is either obnoxious or bright, and we neither want them to be dim. Be it a late-night dinner or an afternoon brunch, a dimmable overhead LED fixture enables the ideal brightness at point of the day. Neutral and soft tones are preferable for the dining rooms to create that perfect environment. You can also choose LED for the chandelier fixtures as well.

Choosing LED lamps can either make or break the environment of your rooms. Select the right LED bulbs for all your rooms to illuminate them and to garner some appreciation from your guests.