Best Roofing Materials For Cold Climates 


Winter is already coming to New Jersey, and many people are already preparing to endure the cold climate with snowblowers and warm clothes, but some of them might be forgetting about their homes. It is essential to have the right roof installed on your home by a reputable Brick NJ roofer to withstand the winter.

Snow accumulated on the roofs can form ice dams, clog your gutters, and become sharp-pointed icicles that can fall on top of the homeowners’ heads. A secure roofing system is required to ensure that the homes in New Jersey can endure the winter without posing any problems to their occupants.

Metal is one of the most popular roofing materials in the market since it is a lightweight yet durable that can also be installed with additional accessories to keep the snow from forming into dams. The heating cables and snow guards ensure that snow will fall from the roof in smaller pieces. Metal roofs are also useful in keeping your electricity bill down since it keeps your home warmer in cold climates.

One popular roofing material because of its durability is cement as they can weather strong winds and heavy snow that the winter season will bring. The only drawback to cement tiles is that they are heavy. Due to the tiles’ weight, some people can’t afford to have them installed since their homes can’t support them.

Homeowners that can’t afford to have cement tiles can go for asphalt shingles as an alternative since they can still offer protection against the cold while being three-times lighter than cement. Asphalt shingles can also protect homes from water penetration.

Slate tiles are also durable as they’re designed to endure even the harshest punishments winter has to offer. Slate tile roofs also act as an insulator like metal roofs.

The last roofing material people can use is solar panels. Active panels produce heat and electricity from solar energy, while passive ones absorb hot air and use it to melt the ice on the roof.

Whatever roofing homeowners would get, they’ll need a reliable Brick roofer to install them. To know more about the best roofing materials for cold climates, check out this infographic by All County Exteriors.