Best Termite Control Methods In Orange County


Termite control is an essential step for homeowners. Termites have the capability of eating through all types of wood when not correctly stored and treated. Termites as such cause wood to become weak, therefore causing walls, floors and wood-made foundations crumble. There is, however, a range of ways to control this termite menace before doing wood destroying organism inspection land o lakes fl. Here are the common termite control methods.

Termiticide: Liquid termite control

The use of liquid to kill a termite in Orange County is one of the methods used since antiquity besides being the fastest method. This liquid termite control method creates a barrier using chemicals in homes preventing these hazardous insects from entering and colonizing the home. When intending to use this method, it is recommendable to hire professional pest control services to spray your home. The professionals will spray the most critical areas, both inside and outside the home. Ideally, chemicals remain for long; therefore considering pest control professionals becomes inevitable. Two types of termite control chemicals are used, and they are repellent and non-repellent. Repellent chemicals create a barrier for termites’ entrances. On the other hand, non-repellent kill termites on the spot once they come into contact. Indubitably, the liquid termite control option is inexpensive and immediate when compared to other methods.

Termite Bait traps

The termite bait trap method is environmentally friendly compared to the liquid control method. This method kills termites uniquely and differently. Termite bait trap waits for the termites to enter the bait and redistribute to the rest of the termite colony killing them. Termite bait system can be food or liquid type of bait. When using this method, all you need is place the bait trap on the ground in a range of locations within your property. Some baits, however, do not include chemicals when done by highly trained professionals. The bait traps are a good monitoring system that sensitizes if termites have invaded the area in question.

Borate: Wood treatment

Borate is the most common method used in controlling termites; however, it becomes useful when applied directly to wood when putting up the structure. This method only controls termites and does not wipe out completely the termite colony. It is effective since termites do not digest the wood they consume. Protozoa in the termite digestive system break wood to nutrients for the termites and borate only kill the protozoa.


The fumigation termite control method is effective on specific Orange County species such as dry wood termites. This type of termite species is commonly found in the United States of America’s southern parts.

In other words, termites are a nuisance and can cause intractable damages and loss to homeowners as they can destroy expensive property. They can be controlled using a number of methods, as discussed in this article. When using any method that requires or uses chemical applications, hire professionals to help you do the job to avoid adversities to family, pets and the environment at large. However, when you consider DIY, read the chemical labels correctly and use the right quantities while following instructions to the letter.