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If you have children at home, it goes without saying that they must grow up in a safe and child-friendly environment. In this article, the expert interior architect gives some great tips for designing a child-friendly environment with an educational and visual touch. With the 3 room bto renovation package you will also have the renovation option ready for the baby room as well. This is where you will be needing the support of the professionals.

User-Friendly & Safe

The figures do not lie, 4 out of 10 accidents occur in the home and children represent 30% of all victims. In the first instance, it is important to become aware of the risks in your home. You can also work preventively and realize a safe and child-friendly environment with these tips:

  • Opt for a fixed television set or TV unit with all cables safely stored away. Moreover, the device cannot fall over when your child pulls himself up on the furniture.
  • In general, make sure that there are as few loose cables as possible. Secure it or protect it with special skirting boards or gutters.
  • Limit furniture with sharp corners and edges. It is important to take this into account when choosing a coffee table. You can place erectable, rounded edges over the sharp corners.
  • Be careful with open cabinets or racks. The fewer products and fragile items within reach, the better.
  • Place a security on all low cupboard doors. Pay particular attention to kitchen cabinets with pressure closure systems. After all, if not protected, there is a good chance that your kitchenware will sometimes get paws.
  • Shield the stairs, both below and at the top, with a gate at least 75 cm high, the bars of which are no more than 4 to 5 centimeters apart.
  • Equip your bath and shower with an anti-slip mat and possibly place an extra carpet in the bathroom to limit the risk of falling.
  • These are some practical recommendations, but don’t forget to let your children be a child. An interior where there is no room for a bit of action and disorder is anything but child-friendly.

Visual Stimuli

When we talk about a child-friendly interior, it’s not just about the practical side. Stimulate the creative and inquisitive spirit of your apple of the eye by integrating visual stimuli into your interior in a stylish and smart way.

Colorful decoration in white interior

Make your interior playful by working with bright colors and patterns. If you like to keep it sleek and timeless, you can opt for colorful, playful objects as an accent.

Signs on the wall

Remove objects from their context. This will stimulate the imagination and creativity of your child. Choose to use different shapes and materials in your interior.

Educational Elements

A chalk wall, an abacus chair, world map wallpaper, an alphabet cupboard, scales in the form of geometric figures. You can think of it as crazy as you want. Tastefully integrate educational elements into your interior that will inspire your children.