Children and The Art World


In the Beginning

We may not appreciate it but from the time that a 3-year-old takes a crayon and scribbles on your wall, it is the beginnings of art. That stick portrait of family members, in front of the rectangular object, supposedly the home and the family pet are all art. This is because it is easier to express one’s self through art at that age. How we view the world through our own eyes and lay it out on paper. But when we are older, it gets harder to express ourselves in crayons and most of the time our expressions are skewed by our environment.

Children have such an unbiased, simple view of the world and their sticks and squiggles are an expression of that. Mum wears a dress, hence the triangle. Dad wears shirt and trousers, two rectangles will do. The family cat is always sitting and watching everyone on its hind legs, two balls, one small one on top of one big on are sufficient to represent the family pet. Yes, these are more traditional symbols of art but they are the simple life in a child’s mind’s eye.

Illustrations for the Child

It is therefore not a surprise that books for children have so many illustrations. We want to capture the child’s imagination. We want the child to be able to be transported to the world described in books and paintings. Illustrations in books such as When Jackie saved Grand Central are a goldmine. This book carries a true story about one woman going against the odds to save a park. This story captured many children all over America because of the beautiful pictured illustrations that made it more interesting for a child to enjoy.

In our homes now, we endeavor to create an interesting world, filled with printed posters for our children. It is not rare to find well established artists such as All The Way To Paris, a duo based in Copenhagen available online. They have a genuine love for art and they create these posters to bring a whole new world to our children. Note Design Studio is also another group of artists that provide paintings that are printed into posters for children. They play to the young and simple minds with which children see the world around them.

Customers can buy poster prints online of these well-presented creations, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. They are professionally printed and can be delivered to any part of the world just at the press of a button.

Photographic Minds

We may not know this but younger children are more capable of remembering drawings or art and paintings better than adults. Their minds are hungry for education and they are very willing to absorb their environment more than an average adult would. We know that art is just but one way to get a child to learn and be more comfortable about their surroundings. Since art is a form of self-expression, it can bring out emotions or reactions from a child that may otherwise have never been experienced.

Having their rooms or even the house adorned with works of art can promote a creative mind. Since these are now easily accessible, a parent would not be hard pressed to find suitable printed works of art to hang out on the walls of their children’s rooms or even their own living room.


It is such a relief to both artists and their customers that they are now able to purchase works of art from reputable companies without fear.  Copenhagen is brimming with artists and the market is gladly welcoming them into their homes. The fact that displaying and selling these posters also has the social responsibility is quite heartwarming. Extending proceeds to charities that are involved in activities that help others away from home. These include activities such as building schools for the more disadvantaged, which is an added advantage to the partnership.