Child’s Play: Home Remodeling Ideas for Growing Families

Home Improvement

Parenthood is exciting, but it requires a lot of preparation. You should be ready for the physical changes you or your spouse will experience, along with the additional mental load. Be prepared for the heavy hit your finances are bound to take.

You’ll need to learn many skills to raise your child properly. Infant care is what you need to study first, from taking care of their physical needs to fostering their mental growth. 

One of the biggest changes you will need to make involves your houseparticularly its safety. Expect your children to explore the home’s every nook and cranny. While their curiosity is boundless, their sense of caution isn’t. Here’s how you should prepare your home.


The nursery is an essential addition to your home, as a resting and changing place for your baby. When considering crib choices, select one that is sturdy and safeavoid getting drop-side cribs. Prepare a lot of bedding and sheets, but save the pillows for when they’re a bit older.

No matter how many clothes you think your baby will need, get more than that. Babies go through a lot of clothes in one day, usually due to how messy they get. Get a dresser dedicated only for their itemsyou’ll need it.

Consider having a changing station for those late-night trips to the nursery. If it’s wide enough, your baby’s dresser is an excellent spot to use. Otherwise, you can bring in a flat table with soft, mess-resistant cushioning.


One of the most occupied places in the home, your kitchen can also be a dangerous place for your children if you’re not prepared. You’re likely to need services for a kitchen remodel for your home in Salt Lake City. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Make your counters mess-proof and easy to clean. Granite is the usual choice, but you can also use a laminate if your budget is a bit tight. Avoid using designs that have sharp corners. You can also use rubber corner guards to be safe. For your drawers and cabinets, install safety latches.

Living Room

The family is likely to stay in the living room more often than not. To make it child-friendly, consider designating a play area for your children to stay in. It can curb their explorations but still keep them entertained. 

If your kitchen or dining area is adjacent to the living area, consider changing to an open floor plan. You can monitor your kids even as you do household tasks. To make transitions between areas more seamless, use neutral colors that blend.


Make the bathroom child-friendly by installing a sink with a lower height. If you don’t have room for that kind of renovation, a step stool with rails will also suffice. Install slip pads around the places they will frequent, such as near sinks and toilets.

Install toilet locks on your lidschildren are likely to fall into toilets due to their poor sense of balance. If your shower dispenses hot and cold water, use anti-scalding devices to avoid burn accidents.

A lot of remodeling baltimore md are needed to make your home safer for your future child. While it can feel overwhelming at times, don’t forget that you and your partner will always have each other to rely on.