Choose the best of Upholstery System

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Material, size, color, opening system, the questions to ask yourself before buying one or more cupboards are more numerous than you think especially when it comes to optimizing both your work space and your storage furniture.

Information, explanations, technical details: this buying guide helps you make your choice with all the keys in hand.

Wood or metal?

  • The question of matter is often the first that we ask ourselves.
  • Beyond aesthetic considerations, it depends on two essential criteria.
  • If you work in an industrial environment, in a storage room for example, prefer metal cabinets.
  • They are easy to maintain and resistant to humidity.
  • If you work in an office environment, you have the choice between wooden storage and metal storage.
  • Wood is often chosen for its warm side and because it generally harmonizes well with office furniture.
  • Metal is privileged for its resistance: it is possible to place heavier loads on it.

Type Of Cabinet

Monobloc cabinets are made of metal, more precisely from sheet steel welded at the factory. Their shelves are also metallic, in order to be able to support heavy and bulky documents, such as binders, archive boxes. Delivered ready to use, they are distinguished by their robustness. In addition, thanks to their great rigidity, they have the advantage of being able to be moved loaded. Cabinets with a removable (or dismantled) structure are available in wood or metal. They are delivered as a kit, with all the elements necessary for their assembly and a detailed ex lanatory note. Once assembled, they are perfectly stable and rigid. They are naturally chosen in cases where the installation place is not accessible to monobloc structure cabinets. Think about it. If you wish, we can ensure the assembly of all your cabinets. In case of upholstery supplies this is important.

Opening systems

With hinged, folding, sliding doors, with curtains. The opening systems of the cabinets are multiple and depend on the space you have. If you have space, choose an inexpensive hinged door wardrobe with easily accessible contents. Provide a space on each side of the cabinet to facilitate the opening of the doors. If you want to save space, opt for a wardrobe with folding doors. They offer a storage capacity equal to the entire interior volume. Their size is small because there is little travel to be expected.

Sliding Doors

If you want to save even more space, opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors. They offer a storage capacity equal to the entire interior volume and freedom of movement thanks to the absence of travel.


Curtain cabinets are particularly suitable for open space: saving space, silent opening, good accessibility. Thanks to the extensions, their storage capacity can be increased without affecting the floor space.

Please note: only metal cabinets have this type of opening.

The choice of sizes and colors

The height and width of your wardrobe are also criteria to take into account: this will allow you to optimize your storage and save space.

Cabinet size and height

If your floor space is limited, think of the tall cabinet (h: 160 to 220 cm). It has a very large storage capacity for a very small footprint.