Cleaning after moving – Las Vegas edition

Cleaning tips

Switching homes is exciting, but it comes with a task most of us don’t really enjoy – cleaning. The hard part is that the work you have is doubled since you need to clean both the old and new homes. Moving to Las Vegas requires a lot of organization and planning, so tasks like cleaning your home need to be simple and fast. That’s why we arranged a couple of tips about cleaning after moving – Las Vegas edition. This will help you make a checklist of all the cleaning tasks you need to finish so you move into your new sparkly clean home. 

Leaving the old home nice and clean 

One of the steps in moving out is certainly cleaning after moving.  With all the moving tasks you’re about to do, this part seems the least interesting. However, with proper organization, you make the old house sparkly clean before you leave and be ready for your new home.

  • Timing is important – when you’re cleaning after moving, it’s important to pick the right time so the clean spots don’t get dirty before you leave. As you will be living in the old house until the moving day, you have enough time to do some cleaning beforehand. Clean all the areas that won’t get dirty as the moving boxes are being carried around. You can do this step by step, days before the actual move. 
  • Have the right cleaning supplies – having the proper supplies ready I the job half done. Have a basket of all the things you need, so you can carry it to each room which makes everything more organized and easy. Have enough of disinfecting cleaners, cloths, scrubbers, rubber gloves, etc. To save some time and money – use universal cleaners. You don’t need a product for each different surface, but get some cleaner that works on multiple surfaces in your home.
  • clean task by task – it’s much more time-efficient if you clean one type of items in each room, and then move onto a different task.
  • Wait until all the items and boxes are out so you can do the final cleaning of floors and other similar tasks. Don’t clean the things that will get dirty anyway on a moving day. Wait when everything is out so you can do the final clean of the floors, for example. 
  • hiring a good moving company is important, tooflyttebyrå Oslo that cares about their clients and their homes will certainly make no mess and move your items without making your home dirty. Pick an experienced company like  that cares about clients and their homes.

Figure 1Cleaning after moving is the least interesting part – but it’s an essential one. alt.tag: a person holding a sponge for cleaning after moving

Things that need to be cleaned 

Yes, it seems like an extra step, but a clear, concise checklist of all the things you need to clean can be very useful. If you tick off all the things you’ve cleaned so far, you’ll be more efficient and will be able to track your progress. The moving days can be very hectic, so checklists of any kind are extremely handy. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget to clean before you move out:


  • wash the windows, along with the blind or seals if the house has any;
  • clean the floors – firs, you should vacuum the floors and then sweep them with a mop using a proper cleaning product. Leave the final polishing after the boxes and furniture are out of the house.
  • remove any stains from the floors and walls. 
  • eliminate cobweb from every corner and wipe away any dust from the furniture.
  • remove any leftover foods from the kitchen, and empty the trash bins. 
  • do a thorough clean of the kitchen and bathroom – scrub the faucets, sinks, empty and clean the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. Empty and clean the medicine cabinets sanitize the toilet and floors.


Figure 2 Vacuuming is one othe essentials teps of cleaning after moving – don’t forget to do it! alt.tag vacuum cleaner ready for cleaning after moving

Extra tip: as you pack for moving, be sure to clean your items before you put them in moving boxes. This will save you time when you arrive at your new home. You will not have to clean them after you unpack which is a great time saver.

Moving into your new Las Vegas home and cleaning after moving

Moving into a new home is the perfect chance to start fresh.  That’s why you need to do everything you can to have the new Las Vegas home sparkly clean when you move in. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Hire a cleaning service 

If you are not used to hiring someone to clean your home, that’s okay. However, the moving situation probably made you tired already. Hiring professional cleaning services will help you have a sparkly clean home without feeling overwhelmed. Experienced cleaners know the right techniques for detailed cleaning, which is very useful if you are on a tight schedule or you need to go back to work right after the move. 

The same goes for moving services, too. Hiring someone to help you move is the key to a successful, safe and fast relocation. Experienced professionals will make your LV relocation smooth and help you avoid damaging your items and hurting yourself while carrying heavy boxes.

Clean before the boxes arrive 

It’s much easier to clean the house if there are no furniture pieces and moving boxes laying around. That’s why you need to make sure that this task is finished before the boxes arrive at your home. And if you followed our tip and cleaned your items before you pack them, it’s only left for you to take them out from the boxes and put them in the right place. 

Do the pest control

Even if you see no pests around, it’s good to the regular pest control once you move in. Hire an exterminator and make sure your home is free of bugs, spiders and other uninvited guests.

Figure 3 Once you’re done with the cleaning – it’s time to enjoy! alt.tag: a woman holding cleaning products for cleaning after moving

Enjoy your clean home!

After you move into a sparkly clean home, and you’ve finished with cleaning after moving – it’s time to enjoy it! Invite your friends and family to visit you ate your new house and have a great time.