Common Boiler Problems That You Should Know About

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Boilers are extremely complex device that is used in almost every household today. These are heavy-duty, long-lasting devices that often never require servicing or repairing. However, like any other device it is mechanical and always have a chance to malfunction. Here are some basic and regular malfunctioning that might happen to a domestic boiler which you should be aware of:

  • Kettling: Kettling is officially the most common problem boilers face. It is also one of the central reason boilers start malfunctioning. It is a good thing that Kettling issues can be identified well before things go out of hand and the boiler can be repaired and serviced accordingly.
  • No Heat: More than often can a boiler emit any heat. While there can be many reasons for the malfunctioning, majority of the times it happens due to problem with the ignition, safety switch coming in between, or a broken pump or a broken thermostat. In each of these cases, it is important to hire someone like boiler repairs London to take care of it.
  • Leaking and Dripping: Since boilers directly work with water, it is quite natural that there will be leaks of the same. If the leak is coming around from pipes, it is no big deal. But if the boiler tank starts leaking, it is time you call in for help because it is hazardous and accident prone.
  • Pilot Issues: The pilot light has significantly evolved today. One can manually switch it on and off and use electric ignition to heat the water. Thus, any issues with the pilot light directly affect the hot water.

Boilers are intertwined to our lives. We need them all the time and should thus care proper care so that they are in good condition for long term usage.