Common Types of Roofs You May Find in Australia


Roofs offer shelter and cover to the house. Whatever may be your house type, it is important to decide on the best roof structure to have lifelong protection in your budget. Common roof designs around the world mainly depend on the local weather conditions and the availability of the material. Cost of the roof and spending power of the local population would also decide the type of roof around the world. If you are living in Australia and looking for roofing replacement then it is good to know the common roof types prevalent in this area. Some of the common roof types of Australia are mentioned here for your reference – 

Flat Roofs – This is the modern roof design that is very common in the high-rise structures and tall buildings. The life-span of this type of roofs is quite long as compared to other roofs. Your roofing contractors will recommend you this type of roof if you are looking for economical design that lasts for decades. Such roofs can be tiled or constructed from big metal structures. 

Gabled Roofs – This type of roof has a typical triangular design. The roof is constructed with two roof planes with their slopes in opposite directions. There is one centre ridge line that works as the top edge of the triangle. This is usually found in old architectural designs, upmarket houses, and heritage buildings. 

Curved Roofs – These roofs are elegant and may offer a whole new look to the building. This is commonly found in coastal areas. You can check with roofing company Brooklyn NY wide if they are offering any such services. Take an expert opinion before finalizing on this roof design as it may cost higher due to thick metal used at the base of this roof structure. 

Hipped Roofs – This type of roof is good for all weather conditions. It has 3 planes and angles. This type of roof is used in the areas where there is high wind and is found commonly in the coastal areas of Australia. 

Select the best roof type based on your location, weather condition, and budget to make sure that you get the best for your house.