Community Manager or Property Manager: what do you want?


If you have been living in a condominium, townhouse or any other community buildings, you may often be confused about whether you should choose community managers or property managers. Management has always played an important role in determining the business. While some managers are responsible for managing the property, some of them are responsible for managing the community. However, they may not specialize in both. They aren’t responsible for carrying out the same function.

Who are property managers?

Property managers are those who take care specifically of your personal property. These property managers are responsible for taking care of specific units. Hence, they will take up the responsibility of all the services for the property such as routine maintenance and keeping the property occupied.

The property managers are licensed professionals, and hence they are updated with law and regulations. As a result, they will make sure to abide by the law. If you hire a property manager, you won’t need to worry about the property. Also, if you want tenants in your property, the property managers will take care of that as well. However, if you are getting property managers, you need to ask them certain questions so that you choose the right one.

Who are community managers?

The community managers do not directly work with the landlords, but instead the HOA. They take proper care of HOA Management Service. Unlike the property managers, the community managers work with the entire community and not just a particular unit. They either work with the board of directors or the entire community, who bestow on them the responsibilities.

The community managers are responsible for taking proper care of it. Nonetheless, the community managers do not need any license like that of a property manager.

You may often be confused between the two, but you will need to choose one depending on your requirements.