Considerations when Using Well Known Movers in Perth


When it is time for your next big move there is a lot to think about. One of those decisions is going to be whether you are going to hire well known movers in Perth or move yourself. Using a moving business is something most people would prefer to do as it means you do not have to do a lot of hard work. Sometimes the cost of doing this can make people hesitate though. Here is a look at why saving and using that money on skilled and experienced removalists is the best choice you can make.

What services do you need?

To help narrow down which company you hire, think about what services you want from them. Some are just staff and a truck offering their time, manpower and driving skills. Some though have more they offer. They might have the option of a packing service. They might offer to supply moving and packing materials. Some might have experience with moving hard items and have the necessary tools that allow them to do it safely. Some will help with taking down larger items like desks and beds. Look at their websites or talk to them once you know what level of service you want, so you can see if they have it, and how much it is.

Do you have valuable or difficult items to move?

As mentioned there are some items that are considered hard to move and valuable so need care. Pool tables, large antique clocks, pianos, large paintings, spas and so on. Some removalists will have the experience and tools to handle it, some will not. If you have any such items make sure the well known movers in Perth know about them. They may be able to handle it, or they may recommend a specialist mover to handle it.

Make sure there is the right insurance

Talk to the movers about what insurance they have, and call your own insurance about the move. Make sure your belongings are covered in case of accidents, damage or loss.

Tips on packing

Make sure you pack up properly as boxes that are too heavy, falling open, over full will slow everything down. They can also make the process more dangerous as people are more likely to have an accident or injury. Seal them well, spread out heavy items, use padding on items that are fragile. Always label everything and include a small description so if you get there and need to get something, you know where it is. If you just write kitchen and then at the new house are looking for mugs for a cup of tea, you will have to look through every kitchen box. If you put a little more detail on each box it will be worth it at the other end!


When looking at well known movers in Perth think about all the factors discussed here. If there is anything more you need to know, call the people you hire, all good moving businesses are happy to take your calls and answer your questions. Professional movers know how to correctly life, load and move in an efficient manner, and that means less stress and challenge for you.