Different materials used for kitchen countertop


The home kitchen triangle has an important role to play in every aspect. When trying to enhance the overall impact of the house, the right kitchen countertop can play an important role in enhancing the overall look. However, there are several options available in the market that will help you come up with the best type of kitchen countertops.

When you are considering to install kitchen countertops at your home, you will need to take different factors into consideration. Some of the prominent materials used for making up the kitchen countertops include the following


Granite stands tall and the best options for kitchen countertops till date. It is used in the kitchen at a rapid rate. The addition of granite countertops can help to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Moreover, elegance will eventually be complemented. However, due to such extensive use of granite, the price of granite countertops has eventually reduced. Granite countertops if taken care of properly can last for a long time. Moreover, it also helps to enhance the value of the house.

Engineered Stones

Engineered stone mostly contains quartz and hence it wouldn’t be wrong to call it quartz countertop. One major benefit of Kitchen Wholesalers Quartz Countertops is that it is available in the market at a widespread. Moreover they are affordable and available in a wide range of colours as well. Quartz countertops require very less maintenance and can do without sealing too. Although they are resistant to acid and stain, quartz countertops can be pretty expensive.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile has always found its place at the top as one of the best and easy to clean kitchen countertop materials. Moreover, ceramic tiles are inexpensive as well, which is why most of the people are opting for ceramic tiles as the kitchen countertops. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and install. Therefore, most of it can be done by you itself.

Stainless Steel Counters

This is one of those that you may have seen in big movies and internet sources. Stainless steel counter combination can be pretty expensive which is why most people do not prefer installing it. However, the installation of stainless steel counters will eventually contribute towards the contemporary and industrial look of the house. You can always attain a seamless look with the countertops.


When it comes to choosing material for kitchen countertops, marble has always been one of the most expensive options. The marble can however add up to the overall impact of the house. Although marble provides a luxurious look, it requires constant maintenance. Therefore, not a lot of people opt for marble kitchen countertops.