Do Not Overlook Your HVAC System When You’re Remodeling Your Salt Lake County Home



This year has seen an increase in remodels. Due to COVID-19, many Salt Lake County families have foregone vacations and are instead spending that trip money on home remodels and renovations.

If you have a house renovation or remodeling job on the horizon, then do not only dream of the finished project –remember to care for your HVAC system as well.

Here are some tips for caring for your HVAC system while remodeling your Salt Lake County home:

You may want to shut off vents in the area where work is being done and cover them to keep debris out of your HVAC system. If you must use your heating or heating equipment throughout your remodel, then make certain not to shut off many vents at once.

Clean out the Work Area Frequently

Do not just let dust and debris accumulate –make certain to clean up the work area often. In that way, you help stop dust in the project from being blown throughout your residence. You may also help safeguard your home’s HVAC system using plastic tarps to split the renovation space from your property’s remainder.

Alter Your HVAC Filter

It is a fantastic idea to modify your filter regularly throughout the job and replace it when the renovation is complete. Even if a filter does not look especially dirty, it may have tiny particles that obstruct airflow and pressure.

Whether you are adding a new space, upgrading your garage, or finishing your basement, do not overlook developments that could help keep the upgraded room at the ideal temperature. Mini-splits are a terrific alternative for spaces like Man Caves, She Sheds, or playhouses where extending or installing ductwork is not practical. A mini-split is a small heating and cooling system that allows you to control individual spaces’ temperature. You may also consider including a mini-split to cool or heat a finished basement, upgraded loft area, or maybe a converted garage. They blend in with almost any space and make it possible to control your relaxation using a wireless remote easily.

If you are considering what to include and exclude on your house renovation project, consult other homeowners or your local Salt Lake County HVAC company to discuss the best heating and cooling options. If you need help with installing a new system or unit, call an HVAC professional to help with the process.

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