Do you need SPF wood? Is it better than anything else? 



If you are considering to get SPF wood, know that it can be a great addition to your house. You should, however, be considerate about the grade you will be using. There are different types of SPF wood available in the market, each with a grade rating. SPF refers to Spruce, Pine and Fir. 

SPF group of trees is a combination of trees grown in Canada across the various regions of the country. These are responsible for producing high and low-grade timber which is pretty small.  Moreover, these group of wood is available in a wide range of colors from white to pale yellow. The SPF group of trees are widely used for framing houses in North America. 

The SPF group of woods are stable and offer extreme gluing technology. They are distinctively used in the flat-packed furniture industry. Undoubtedly, the SPF group of woods is the best choice to make if you are looking for great interior design, modular houses, concrete framework and packaging cases. 

What are the features of SPF wood? 

The SPF wood proves to be extremely beneficial for new house builders. The features are the main reason why SPF wood is so popular among all. Some of the prominent features of SPF wood include

  • Appearance

The SPF woods appear in district colors ranging from white to pale color. 

  • Sustainability

The SPF woods are the general Canadian woods which tend to sustain for a long period. 

  • Grain or texture

As buyers, we often tend to check the texture of the wood to see if it matches our requirements or not. However, the thought texture woods are often ignored. But, SPF wood tends to have a fine and even texture. Moreover, the consistent grain helps to add up to the aesthetic appeal of the wood. 

  • Workability

If the wood contains no knot, it can be used easily for working. It can be used for applying proper finish and can be glued as well. However, sometimes due to the poor texture, blotches may appear around the wooden. Whenever you are considering coloring Spruce, you should prefer using a gel stain or a sand dealer. 

  • Rot Resistance

As far as the resistance of wood is concerned, it varies from being slightly resistant to non-resistant based on decay. Since they are resistant to decay, you can easily install it in the interiors of your house. 

What is SPF used for? 

SPF wood serves different purposes. Since wood is judged on grade, it will vary from SPF low grade wood to high grade. Each of it suits different requirements and you may choose accordingly. 

SPF wood is used for construction lumber, crates, Christmas trees, paper and more.