Do You Need To Fix Anything In Your Home? Try A Virtual Handyman


Have you ever run into a DIY home improvement project that you wanted to get done yourself, but you didn’t have the right expertise? Or you had questions you wish you could ask an expert handyman to help guide you along the way?

This happened to me when I was trying to mount my TV—I didn’t want to pay an expensive handyman to come into my house (especially during COVID), I wanted to do it myself! While I was researching how to DIY mount your TV, I found a virtual handyman service called Homer which made the DIY process really simple.

On Homer I was matched with a virtual handyman who helped me with all of my DIY handyman needs—I sent them photos of my wall and the TV and wall mount that I had. The Homer handyman guided me through every step of mounting my TV including figuring out what kind of wall I had (brick vs. drywall vs. concrete) and what kind of drill and screws I needed.

Overall using a virtual handyman for the first time made my DIY project really easy, and most importantly the service was very affordable—I highly recommend trying a virtual handyman especially if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to your local handyman.

After having such a good experience, it makes me wonder what this means for the home improvement industry if telemaintenance starts to really takeover; perhaps local handymen (similar to doctors) will start doing both in-house visits as well as working online for different virtual handyman services like Homer. Regardless, as the tech develops, this is good for consumers because it gives them more options and flexibility. I’m actually looking forward to my next set of DIY projects, because I know that if I run into any challenges I can always reach out to a handyman online to help me through the issue.