Eight Plumbing Problems that might need a Professional Plumber


Plumbing is essential to our daily lives now. We need it to clean with, cook with, wash with, go to the toilet, heat the home. When problems with the plumbing happen it can be a real concern. The trouble a lot of people have is the problems start small, so sometimes they ignore them. But when you do not bring in a plumber Brick or local to you to explore the problem, they can turn into larger problems. Ones that cause damage, and cost a lot of money.

Here is a look at 8 common things that go wrong with the plumbing in people’s homes.

  1. Blocked drains – Most people face this problem at some point! Your sink or bathtub starts draining more slowly, and then perhaps stops altogether. Often you just need to reach in with your fingers, as gross as it is and pull out what will be a lot of hair build-up. Sometimes you can use a product from a store to unblock. But if there is no obvious cause, or it keeps happening this needs professional exploring. A plumber Toms River based or near you is the best person to call.
  2. Dripping faucets – Faucets drip right? Well, they shouldn’t actually, not constantly. If tightening up the parts there does not stop the dripping a plumber should come in and look at them. They may need replacing.
  3. Not having enough hot water – Without enough hot water family members cannot take the showers they need, clothes cannot get washed, dishes cannot be clean. Hot water is something people rely on and when there is suddenly not enough of it this means something is likely wrong with the water heater. Get a professional plumber to take a look.
  4. Pipes suddenly becoming loud – Old plumbing can be a lot noisier than new, but in either case, if there is a sudden increase in how loud the piping has become, this means something has gone wrong.
  5. Low water pressure – When the water stops coming out of your shower head properly this is a sign that the something has gone wrong with your water pressure.
  6. Preparing for winter – If you live in a region that gets very cold winters there is some preparation you should have done so your plumbing gets through it fine. A plumber Brick based or anywhere can make sure your plumbing is ready, no-one wants to lose hot water and heating in the middle of winter.
  7. Toilet has broken – It can be a nightmare when toilets stop working. People need at least one working toilet! If plunging is not working then a plumber is the best person to turn to.
  8. Pipes are frozen – If you do not prepare the plumbing for winter this is what can happen. When pipes freeze not only does that mean no water, if they burst that can lead to flooding and water damage.


A plumber Toms River can take care of any plumbing issues you might be facing. Sometimes something might appear to be simple or not serious, but unless you are a trained plumber it is best to let them have a look and make the assessment.