Electrostatic Disinfection for Your Facility

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The coronavirus has created a necessity for proper and safe sanitation and disinfection techniques in every facility. The regular use of standard sprays and wipes for cleaning is no longer reliable. At the same time, the methods cannot reach every surface for proper cleaning.

At Daltex, Dallas janitorial services, we offer electrostatic disinfecting or electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic disinfecting entails spraying surfaces using an electrostatically charged solution on objects and surfaces. The solution is made of sanitizer, cleaner, or a disinfectant with air mixed in an electrode in the sprayer.

How long does an Electrostatic Spray last?

This process of cleaning or disinfecting ensures all germs, bacteria, and viruses on a surface are eradicated. Our skilled cleaners ensure the solution is sprayed on all the unlikely surfaces to kill the unwanted pathogens and leave your facility free from germs.

The spray kills the present pathogens but does not offer protection on the surface. The surfaces are not protected against re-infection. Every other institution that is in constant exposure to new and harmful pathogens, such as medical schools, gyms, schools, malls, and activity parks, needs this method on a recurrent basis.

What Areas and Surfaces are Suitable for Electrostatic Spraying?

In Texas, Daltex is a significant cleaning company serving the area. We offer our services in commercial offices, residential properties, and many areas requiring disinfection and cleaning. Our services involve electrostatic spraying, which is effective along with a safe alternative to sanitize and disinfect floors, walls, desktops, and hard-to-reach areas and equipment.

This cleaning technique covers broader surfaces in less time, which means the cleaning method is best suitable for use in medical centers, office waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, stadiums, corporate facilities, public restrooms, car dealerships, etc. These areas are in constant exposure to new, dangerous pathogens, including the coronavirus.

The electrostatic spraying from Daltex, Dallas janitorial services, can be personalized to meet the demands of every facility. Various facilities have different requirements, and some use Electrostatic spraying as an alternative to the usual disinfecting and cleaning methods such as manual sprays and disinfectant wipes.

Other facilities opt for our cleaning technology to supplement their already available cleaning methods or upgrade their cleaning and disinfection standards to ensure proper comprehensive sanitation.

Electrostatic sprays reach every surface likely to have pathogens such as the door handles, lift and light switches, office desks, chair arms, and several other surfaces that are usually forgotten.

At Daltex cleaning company, we have enough experience in facility cleaning and disinfection. We aim to make Dallas stay safe and clean. Contact us today and experience our Electrostatic Spraying technology for any sanitation needs, including COVID-19 Disinfection.