Essential Options for the Perfect Furniture Items and Their Color


The question “What color furniture to choose?” Has always been and remains undeniably important. The combination of colors of furniture begins to excite us long before the moment when the repair began. The interior of an apartment or a country house is a holistic and single ensemble of your chosen style. How to choose the right color? How not to make a mistake with a shade? How to combine wall, floor, furniture, textiles and accessories? The color options for furniture are so varied and plentiful – how not to get lost? How to grab from a huge assortment that suits you? About American made furniture on sale and not only you will read below.

The Right Color

Each color or combination of colors carries in itself only his inherent thought, which can quite strongly affect our mood. In addition, the color affects the visual and emotional perception of the space of the room it can make the room larger or smaller, more tender or more aggressive; can divide into zones or wash away all borders. Warm colors (such as yellow, orange, red) visually bring objects closer, warm, accelerate the rhythm of breathing and create a sense of celebration. Cold (blue, blue) soothing, psychologically perceived as strict and mysterious. However, there are colors that have shades of both a cold and warm spectrum (for example, purple or green).

  • To predominate in the combination of several colors should only one. As a rule, it should be selected for the main background of the room. For example, wall decoration. You can always “support” it with small accessories.

Three types of color combinations have been considered the most favorable for a long time monophonic, harmonious and contrast. Solid implies a choice of shades of the same color (saturated blue with pale blue). The harmonious type combines different, but close in spectrum colors, and those that can easily be combined (red with orange, green with blue). Contrast combines the completely different, but quite comfortable shades existing with each other (blue with yellow, green with purple). The combination of three or more colors in the interior is a very difficult task and should be based on the principles of color selection – the so-called color palette. To help you, we offer you one of the principles of color selection: “The Theory of Harmonious Combination of Colors” Seasons “.

“Spring”: yellow (main), pink, white, red, purple, beige, green, blue. Recommended accessories: yellow metal.

  • “Summer”: blue (main), brown, white, red, gray, violet, blue, yellow, green, beige, black, pink. Recommended accessories: silver or silver metal.
  • “Autumn”: red (main), blue, violet, green, yellow, white, beige, brown, pink, gray. Recommended accessories: in yellow and red metal (bronze and copper).
  • “Winter”: blue (main), red, black, brown, yellow, white, green, purple, gray, pink. Recommended accessories: white and black metal.